the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


34. Louis’s pov Chapter 30

Harry had gone backstage to get Liam who was now with Charlene in a different world. Anyways as he did that niall and I went to see Zoey who gave Niall the name of the winner of talent night. The prize was that person got to sit with us for the concert and would be able to go last, pretty cool. As I was waiting for Niall to finish talking to Zoey I went and spoke to zayn and Simon who were telling me that even if one of our girls won that we couldn’t do anything that we make the camper think we rigged the vote that wouldn’t be good for our rep. When niall came back he spoke to everyone but me, I dying to know why, then he came back and told me that the reason why he wouldn’t include me was because I would be the one to tell the campers and Zoey wanted it to be more real so I couldn’t know the winner. Now all I wanted to do was go on stage to find out who the winner was. As we took our place on stage the boys were looking at me (I hated not knowing something) then Niall came over to me and gave me an envelope. He looked at me and said

“Don’t read it yet, and don’t freak out stay cool”

 Then he went back with the rest of the boys. As the curtains opened the camper went wild.

“Hey campers now we would like to close off talent night with a little gift for the winner. The winner of talent night will get to sit with one direction at the concert and will be the last one to perform now the winner of talent night is........”

I opened the envelope and couldn’t believe my eyes I looked back at the boys, this is why they didn’t want to tell me I’m so getting them back  I looked back to the crowd with a smile on my face

“Campers please welcome to the stage ALLIE “

I was so happy I forgot where I was as she came on stage I kissed her and it was a very big mistake. She pulled away and looked at me she knew the rules she knew it was wrong and now it was too late the crowd saw, and  the boys and Simon are going to kill me. All you could hear was the crowd


“Shit” I said under the breath Simon was right he always was I looked back at Allie and she looked at me

“I’m sorry” she said she ran off the stage I turned back to the crowd but not for long because I hear a scream. I turn to see Allie on the ground and some campers laughing at her. She got up and ran I jumped off stage.

 “Dude not cool” I said as I went up to this guy

“Dude what are you going to do you rigged this it’s not fair “

“So take it out on me not her”

This camper was really starting to bug me and I knew if he touched that was it. He had pushed me back and the boys were at my sides in seconds. Niall came from behind me and started talking in my ear.

“Louis walk away and go find Allie he’s not worth it “I was so lucky to have them but my anger wouldn’t show that I looked at Niall and ran off

It didn’t take me long to find Allie she was sitting on the ground back stage crying

“Allie” I said as I took her hands helped her off the ground and pulled her into me (what have I done). When I let go of her hand I saw blood on it.

‘Allie your hand its cut “

“ I'm so sorry” was all she kept saying. I took my shirt and ripped the side

“What are you doing Louis I'm fine “she said under her tears trying to hide her hand

“YOUR NOT FINE YOUR HURT BECAUSE OF ME NOW GIVE ME YOUR HAND “I was so mad and I really didn’t want to scream but I was in pain and she was hurt because of me, and now I felt worse

“Baby I'm sorry I didn’t mean to yell it just your hurt and it’s my fault and I was just happy and .....” at this point I broke down I had hurt the one person that meant a lot to me all because I was happy for her sometimes I hated being famous. I rapped her hand and sat on a rock she wouldn't stop crying I had to do something.

“Allie please stop crying I'm sorry it’s not your fault you won and it’s my fault I need to learn not to react on my feelings”

“It’s my fault I should have stopped you sooner I ...I didn’t want this to happen”

“No there’s nothing you could have done and I'm sorry that some of the fans didn’t like that and this is all my fault please stop crying”

 I put her head in my hands and wiped her tears with my thumbs she wasn't even mad at me she was blaming herself she was everything to me and I may have just ruined her life

“I’ll fix this I don’t know how but I will I promise” I was about to kiss her but she stopped me

“Louis I don’t know if I can do this I mean don’t get me wrong Louis I love you but I don’t know if I can handle the fans  and I'm scared because if they react like this to something small what will they do when something big happens try to kill me “

“Baby please they do over react but their fans they do like you and just don’t give up” she looked at me and shook her head

“ I'm so sorry Louis but I know I'm not ready for this” she got up and left. I wasn't giving up that fast 

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