the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


30. Louis's pov Chapter 26

I woke up with Allie rapped in my arms  she was so small and cute. She was wearing the necklace I gave her the night before and she looked good wearing it . When I looked out the window I saw it was raining, and I really didn’t want to go outside, so I thought why not stay in here with Allie all day, I was thinking of all this when Allie started to move in my arms. She gave me this beautiful smile and blinked her eyes really fast witch made me laugh. I slowly brought my head down to hers and let them touch.

“Good morning my sunshine”

“Good morning Louis”

With one hand I watched her put the two halves of a heart together and smile

“There now my heart is full” she said as the smile on her face got bigger she was never not smiling.

“You want something to eat”

She nodded and sigh a happy sigh

“Louis ... can I shower first”

“Sure love I’ll make some food and you go shower”

She looked at me as I went to go and get up and stopped me

“Do we have to get up right now “ she said with a pout

I looked at her and smiled as I got back into bed and cuddled with her. I started to tickle her and she didn’t like that so we ended up play fighting, and then we stopped and started to laugh

“ Allie “

“Yeah “

“ Thank you for forgiving me”

“You’re welcome and you’re kind of hard to stay mad at”

With this I kissed her and we started to make out. I was falling for her so fast it was un real I felt like we were meant to be, the way our bodies fit together, the way our lips moved, the way she always sighed into our kiss wanting more, and the way I never wanted to let go of her and always wanted to be with her. (I think I’m in love with her) . I was starting to really get into our kiss when she let her lips drop wanting air and I pulled her right back wanting more then she tried again and I would let her all I wanted was to be with her, but then I was starting to feel light headed so I slowly started to let my let my lips drop and when they did we both took in a big breath of air and sigh being happy.

“Now you want to get up love” I ask even thought at this point I really didn’t want too but I wanted some food “


She went to go and get out of bed and kissed me quick but I pulled her back adding more feeling to the kiss and then let go

“Now go” I said with a smile, she went off into the washroom and locked the door. I got up and started to make some eggs, with bacon when I was done I put everything on the little table we had and started to clean up. We she came out we ate.  

“Thank for the brunch and for letting me sleep here it was fun”

“You’re welcome and thank you for taking my offer it would have been the same without you”

I took her hands across the table and looked into her big loving eyes I had to tell her was all I could think about so I did

“Allie I know we just got back together and I know it’s only been a short amount of time but I want you to know that even when you were mad at me I never stopped thinking of you, and I noticed that yeah I’m falling and I have stuck the landing because Allie I love you and your my everything and without you I’m nothing.”

She looked at me for a long time and then smiled

“I love you too Louis “she said as she moved around the table and close the space between us.


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