the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


11. Louis’s pov Chapter 11

“Simon this is umm.. It’s not what you think”

“Oh don’t give me that Louis get up say goodbye to.. to.. to whatever she is and let’s go”

“Simon she has a name and its not whatever!”     

“LOUIS IM NOT IN THE MOOD YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO BE BACK AT THE TOUR BUS GOT IT GOOD. Good bye Louis's friend it’s not been nice to meet you”

He was really starting to piss me off as I watched Simon leave I turned to Allie who had gotten up and was not dusting herself off

When I went up to her, her eyes where watery

“Baby what’s wrong”

Now I was pissed all because of stupid Simon

“Louis are you hiding something because I don’t think someone would get that mad over what’s going on and I want the truth”

“Listen love it’s really just Simon being his mean old self look ill talk to him and everything will be Ok “

I took her hands in mine and rubbed the back because I knew she liked that. Then I brought one hand to her cheek

“Look I know this is going to be hard but don’t give up on me that fast please love”

She brought her hand up to mine and nodded then she kissed me and was off waving behind her.

“Now to deal with Simon “ I said under my breath ,I made my way over to the tour bus and was not happy when I got there I found a seat in the love chair and didn’t say a word to anyone Niall and harry were fighting over who got the last ice pop zayn was talking to dessa on the phone and Liam was playing a game on his phone. No one  cared where the hell Simon was.

When Simon finally got here he looked around the room making sure I was in it and then at the other boys.

“Ok boys let’s get right into it”

“Now as you all know I have been letting you boys do your thing but it seems to me that some of  you have taken that too far.  With that in mind from now on Louis you sleep on the bus harry you sleep with in Nail’s cabin and zayn will sleep in my cabin, got it good”

“Wait why do I have to sleep on the bus? That’s not fair I was fine in Harry’s cabin”

“yes but I trust you the least right now and the bus is the safest place and it has a live web fed that goes to my phone so there’s no parties in here”

“You’re an ass Simon your just mad because for once I'm happy “

“you think I'm an ass just because I don’t like your little slut that you call has a name, Louis you change with the wind I know your little games you get mad trying to prove me wrong and then you sleep with the girl of the week and then it’s all good , I'm trying to save you cause  if one picture got to the papers then that’s it the questions come out and then I have to save your play boy ass again AND IM NOT DOING IT GET IT GOOD


“really then prove it if she really means a lot to you then let her go or tell the papers asap and don’t start something that I’ll have to clean up because then I’ll put you under house arrest and then know one gets in and you don’t go out, get it ,good! I started to say under my breath but I gave up he already had me in tears I wasn't going to let him see me break down                    

“Now that were all on the same page I have some good news the camp wants to do a little contest. We are going to help train the campers and help them make their own song and then on the last week were going to take them to Canada’s wonderland for a live concert and whoever wins gets to come on tour with you boys and help you with your next album .

All the boys go hyper and started talking because Simon gave them a ten second vent but I really didn’t care after a few more pointless words and more cut eye from Simon he said we can leave and I was the first one out the door because I knew he would stay behind and say more if I let him but right now I just wanted to be in two places, one alone under a rock or two, with Allie, so I was off to find her. When I found her she was with her friends so I stud behind her and coughed , then she turned around and smiled

“ Pardon me ladies but can I barrow your friend for a couple of hours”

They giggled and nodded their heads, so I held out my hand and she took it and we left. When we were alone in the woods I stopped and pulled her in for a hug as we sat on a rock. I didn’t want to but I ended up crying in her arms

“ Babe I'm sorry”

“Louis what’s wrong”

“Simon, he just pissed me off and said a few things that hurt me and I just needed to see you” 

She wiped my face with her thumbs and then hugged me for what felt like forever. Then she looked up at me a kissed me until were we both light headed.

“Allie, remember when we were talking about the hole I'm scared thing and the fans”

She nodded and I took her hands in mine. She was so perfect and I couldn't wish for anything more.

“Well Simon's being a dick in all and doesn't want us to get hurt so I need to know do you want to tell the fans right away or do you want to wait and risk them finding out”

She let her hands drop from mine and turned away from me. I started to get worried so I asked

“Allie what’s wrong”

I tried to get eye contact but she wouldn't let me, so I tried again


“Nothing’s wrong Louis, your everything a girl like me could ask for”

She said as she turned to show me her weary face

“Then why are you crying” I ask I didn’t want her to cry because of me

“ I'm crying because I'm scared I don’t know if I can live up to your fans and what they  want or what Simon wants and what if I'm not good enough for you what if you just like me for now, and then what I go through all the hate from the fans ....I just don’t know Louis”

She said as she put head in my chest

I  brought her face up to mine and looked  right in her eyes

“ I don’t know but whatever it is we will get through it together like I said I'm not going anywhere I can wait you don’t have to force yourself”

She looked at me and then kissed me, when she let go she said something but I didn’t hear

“We can tell the fans “

“What “

She smiled and answered again

“ We can tell the fans’

I waited

“Really, you’re sure”

She nodded as a smile came to her face

I hugged her and we stay there until the sun started to set. That was the end of our problems for now . 

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