the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


10. Louis’s pov Chapter 10

I woke up and all I could think about was Allie, I haven’t seen her in the last 24 hours and it was starting to worry me, so I got out of bed and called her to make sure everything was ok between us.


“Hey sunshine where have you been “

“LOUIS OMG I have been looking for you all day and yesterday where did you go did you stay on the hill" I laugh

“No no silly yesterday I had a band meeting and then I spent the day with zayn doing stupid stuff, and today, well I'm just getting up”

“Oh well do you want to do something today?”

“Um sure love, what did you had in mind”

“I head there’s an in the air wild course in the woods want to go?”

“Oh well not really love how bout we go swimming?”

“Sounds fun”

“Great ill meet you by the lake then?”


 I was about to make my way to the lake when I saw a bunch of girls standing outside our bus great they found the bus next thing you know there watching us sleep. Anyways so I ended up calling for someone to get me, I was on my way there when I heard my name Louis Louis Louis it was Allie. I stopped and looked around to see Allie in a tree and then she jumped off from a rope into the water.

“Come on in the waters great”

I grabbed the rope and jumped in it was cool and nice on my skin then I went looking for Allie, after I scared her we had a water fight and then we had a jumping contest. After we went to go sit on the dock to dry off.

”That was fun I had a good time with you today “

She said as we laid or towels down

“Me too it was fun”

“Yeah we should do this more often “

“We should”

She was so pretty and she didn’t know it.

“So um Allie”

“Yeah what is it Louis”

“Um well”

I couldn't tell her so I showed  I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed me back . At first I was scared but when she kissed me back I just let everything go and she melted in my arms.  It’s weird to say but even thought I just meet her I feel like I'm on cloud nine. I let go and only because I was out of breath but so was she so I didn’t feel so bad.

“Louis...” I cut her off I knew what she was going to say and I didn’t want to hear it, if I was falling I'm going to fall hard and with a big landing.

“Allie I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking that it’s to soon you don’t know me well enough and oh yeah what about the fans”

She nodded

“I was thinking about just that too, but I learned that if I feel for you the way I do right now in such a short amount of time then it’s meant to happen and the fans ...well  we will think of a way to tell them, and  I know your scared and I am too but I really like you and I think you feel the same way for me, so I'm going to fall and hope that your there to catch me.”

She didn’t say anything and that started to scare me, until a smile came to her face and she kissed me, and it wasn't just any kiss it was a kiss with many meanings behind it and that’s all I needed.

As I made my way back to the tour bus I couldn't keep the smile off my face all I could think about was she felt the same way. Today had been one of the best days of my life nothing to rune this day. As I was half way there I ran into zayn who told me two things, one that we have a band meeting and, two that I was in shit with Simon, (Ok this ruined my day).

I was on my way to the main house when I saw Allie. She was sitting on the steps of the main house writing in a book. I went up to her kissed the top of her head and sat beside her

“Hey beautiful what are you writing”

As I said this smile came to her face as she looked up at me

“Hey to you too and I'm writing a song silly “

“Cool what’s it about” I was hoping she would say something along the lines of love but I got my hopes up

“It’s a secrete”

She said as she brought one finger to her lips and told me to


 I grabbed her finger and tried to put it up her nose playing with her. Then we ended up on the ground with me on top of her. She started to laugh and I slowly let my head drop until our foreheads were touching and then I kissed her soft and sweet lips. When I let go she sighed but in a good way.


She started

“Yes love”

“Does this mean were like a thing now “

“Well maybe it depends on what a thing is”

 “Thing as in you and me, boyfriend girlfriend”

“ Oh Ok and also if you’re willing to go through with all the drama that’s going to hit when the fans find out.”

She nodded as she bite her lip she was scared and you could see it in her eye I slowly put my hand on her cheek and look at her big brown eyes

“Allie.. If you’re not ready I'm not going anywhere without you I’ll still be here waiting”

“ No no I'm ready I like you a lot and I'm willing to do this”

I was about to answer when I heard a loud scream from behind me and remember we were still on the ground in front of the main house  I quickly got to my feet helped Allie up took her hand and ran as fast as I could and then dove behind a bush.

When I was over the bush I felt Allie land on top of me and then heard a bunch of footsteps. I put my hand gently over her mouth, and listened

“ He went this way “

I heard a voice from above me say and then heard more footsteps. After I couldn't hear anyone else I let go of her mouth.

“Are you Ok love I'm really sorry about that”

She was laughing as she rolled over beside me and put her head on my chest

“What’s so funny” I said giving her a confused look most girl would be rather scared or asking a 100 questions

“You you’re so cute and protective and then you worry and not even for yourself but for me”

“Awe well that’s because I'm use to it but you’re not so I don’t want to lose you so I get scared and worry” 

“Louis “

She said she looked at me and I looked at her and our eyes lock and we were both moving closer when ....


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