the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


43. Louis pov Chapter 39 last chapter

I woke up really early and went for a run. Last night was one of the best nights of my life and I don’t know why but with Allie it really is different. Anyways when I got home Allie was still sleeping so I went in the shower when I got out she was still sleeping (man she can sleep) so I had some fun I went into the bedroom and jumped on the bed


I plopped down on her and looked into her foggy eyes she was so cute.

“come on beautiful time to get ready, time to win, time to HAVE FUN” she smiled she was so tired if it were up to me I would let her sleep but the boys would be here any minute to get us so I need her to get up. I started to tickle her

“IM UP IM UP STOP” she said laughing this was fun anyways as she was in the shower I made us something to eat when she Came out we eat! I was about to sit down to eat when I heard a knock at the door I looked at Allie and she read my mind and we said it at the same time too

“The boys” I got up and ran to the door to see harry

“BOO BEAR I MISSED YOU” he gave me this big bear hug

“Boo bear needs to breathe or you’ll miss me even more if I die” he put me down and kissed my cheek, Niall and Alexis went straight to the table and started eating my food

“NIALL THATS MINE MAN GET YOUR OWN FOOD “then he gave me his big blue sad eyes

“Oh fine but save me a little” I didn’t even finish and he had his head in the plate Liam and Charlene came in holding hands and sat on the sofa and zayn came in on the phone with dessa ( when were they not on the phone.)

When Niall and Alexis were done eating we left. Liam drove with Charlene riding front seat, harry sat with angel who was still sleeping Zayn sat with Simon, Niall sat beside Alexis and Allie sat with me or more like on me because there weren’t enough seats but I didn’t care.

“Harry don’t you think it’s time to wake up angel she has been sleeping since we left the hotel were almost there” we all looked at harry and laugh Liam on the other hand was still calling for him over our laughter when Zayn finally told him

“Liam harry is asleep too that’s, why he won’t answer”

“Oh well someone woke them because we’re here”

Wow. It was so big and their new ride went into the parking lot I so had to come back and ride that. I was looking around when someone taped me; I turned to see my beautiful girlfriend

“What’s up baby?”

“Want to carry me “she said pouting and batting her eyelashes

“Oh fine get on” I said turning around for her to get on my back, she did and screamed right into my ear when she almost fell.

“Oh and now I can’t hear thank you so much”

“Sorry” she said kissing my cheek

  We got to the stage and started to set up all but me because I had Allie on my back that wouldn’t get off and was getting me in trouble

“LOUIS MAN GET TO WORK “Liam was mad

“Ok baby you have to get off now I have to help”

“AWE oh fine “she said as she jumped down I turned around and stuck my tongue out at her and went to work. When we were done setting up we took our seat because people were already here and waiting. Because Allie won talent night she got to sit beside us, but because of what I did at talent night she was sitting on the other side of Niall so we weren’t together ( L)

When the show started there were a lot of people that were scared and had rough starts and that lost them votes. Then Charlene went and she did really good she was really into her song but she missed up the words a few times. Then it was Alexis and she killed it she has the most votes. Then angel went and she was really good too. Then some more people went and they were ok then it was Allie at first people start to boo her but when she started singing they loved her she was by far the best (I really hated that I couldn’t vote). When everyone went the boys and I went back stage to talk to Simon and Zoey. I was kind of sad because I really wanted Allie to win. They were talking about all of this when they decide that it was going to be a tie. Then Niall came up to me

“Dude it a tie between Allie and Alexis so I want to know from you is it ok if we give it to both of them? “

“Yeah why not lad go ahead its cool with me”

He gave me this big bear hug

“Ah thanks man this means a lot to me “

“No problem and I know how you feel “

They went back stage to get ready I on the other hand wasn’t allowed because they didn’t want me to mess up (I think they were being unfair) but anyways I on the other hand took Niall’s seat and tried to hide the smile from my face. They came out on stage and harry had the envelope I guess they didn’t want to let niall do it (wonder why) anyways first they called up Alexis and then Allie she was so cute and she won I couldn’t wait until I could hug her.

“Ok so because there was a tie we are letting but girls come with us on tour and help with the album so please welcome Alexis and Allie to the stage”

I shot out of my seat and started clapping I was so happy for both of them. After everyone left I ran back stage. I gave Alexis a hug and congratulated her and then when I was done I ran to Allie

“You won “I said picking her up and spinning her around

“I know omg I’m so happy” I was so happy I kissed her smiling into our kiss but stop when her dad came up to us. She gave me this weird look because I stopped so soon. She turned to see what I was looking at

“Daddy” she said jumping into his arms

“Baby girl you won!!!!!”

“You came thank you” she said kissing his cheek

“You were perfect” he looked at me

“Can we have a min I would like to say goodbye”

I walked away and started to clean up when she came and found me it was time to go. I took her hands in mine.

“Ready love”

“Ready for anything and everything” she said as a smile came to her face. As we made our way to the bus I was thinking of all the cool thinks we could do for the next two years. This was going to be some tour!

The end 

thank all for reading I know this story wasn't the greatest but I have other stories that I will put up and trust me they will be better 

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