the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


41. Louis pov Chapter 37

I was so nervous she didn’t even know, I really didn’t want her dad to hate me and I really wanted her to come on tour. We went inside and her father wasn’t there yet so the lady took us to our table I held out the chair for her and then went to my seat. I was kind of happy he wasn’t here yet. While we waited us order drinks.  Looked over at her and looked her in the eyes, you could tell she was nervous so I put my hand on hers and rubbed the back and then someone coughing made me jump


“Daddy you came “she got up and hugged him I got up and shook his hand then we all sat down again. We got settled and then he asked

“Allie you never told me Louis would be joining us I thought this was an I’m sorry lunch”

“Yes well daddy Louis is sorry too therefore he needs to be here too”


We started eating and no one said nothing you could feel the air in the room get heavy. Every time I looked up he was giving me cut eye it was so hard not to say something. It got to the point where I did.

“Ok this is killing me”

Allie looked at me and went red

“I’m so sorry love but you can tell “

She sighed and nodded

“sir I’m sorry that you found a picture of your daughter in the papers and I’m sorry that she broke her promise but I really really care about her to the point that I love her and rather she wins or not I’m going to ask her to come on tour with me because I can’t stand to be away from her and I would really like it that you let her go and let her be happy while she with me not sad and worrying about what her father thinks”

I look over at Allie she was red in the face and smiling so hard but her dad looked total different

“Louis I am very impressed with the fact that you had the nerve to tell me how you feel but I just really don’t know, I mean I don’t really like the fact of seeing my daughter in the papers and on TV every day and I’m not sure that I can trust the two of you only for almost 2 years on a bus with four other teenagers and what if something happens there a lot to take in as a father”

“sir I know there’s a lot on your mind as a father but there’s a lot on us too I mean I will respect your wishes if you say no but it would be hard on me and her to be apart for so long and I don’t think I could handle the pain of being away from someone I love for so long that I’m only just falling for  and yes I know it can go both way where you miss her but it’s her life just like if she loses and doesn’t want to go I’m not going to make her but based on what I know we just want to be together and all she wants from you is for you to let her do that and really be happy.”

“Allie I want you to know that in no way did you disappoint me and I guess I did over react and it looks like he really cares for you but what I’m trying to say is that I guess it was hard to see my little girl in the arms of someone els and that I just wanted to keep you for myself but ending up hurting you and I’m sorry”

I looked at her and she was so happy. She got up and ran around to her dads side and hugged him

“Thank you daddy’

the  smile on her face made my day she was so cute she meant everything to me I hope he says yes and lets her come with me if not I really don’t know what I would do

“Hold up I didn’t say yes I just said I was wrong and sorry”

Her face dropped and she let go of him

“Now I’m not saying yes but if you do win there’s no way I’m stopping you from your dreams but if you don’t.....well then threes some rules, either way there are rules but one way has more if you go just to be with him then I want you to web call me every month and call me every 2weeks. Also I want to see you on Christmas no matter where you are you need to make your way home for a week, and thanksgiving. If you go because you won I want the songs you sing and I want to be at one of your concerts plus you don’t have to fly home but you do need to call and web chat. Last my last rule is for Louis”

I gulped “yes sir” he looked at me

“You do anything to hurt my daughter and ill hurt you got it “

I nodded

“Good then now I’m saying yes you can go with you if it makes you happy”

“Thank you thank you thank you daddy I won’t let you down”

After we had a pie her dad had to leave to go to work and that’s when I blew up

She looked at me I looked at her, and she came running into my arms



I was so happy words could not explain we were hugging when I heard a scream I had forgotten that we were outside of a restaurant next thing I knew we were surrounded by fans

“shit baby I’m sorry” I put her down from our hug and kept her close to my side walking with my head down and as fast as possible stopping ever once and in while to take a picture talk to fans or sign something, because even thought all I wanted was to leave the fans are what got the boys and I where we are today so I had to give back even when they were in the way. When we finally got to the car I opened up the door to her side and let her in then I went around to my side.

“Sorry about that love’ I said as I got in the car. She couldn’t keep that drop dead smile off her face it was kill me so before I started the car I kissed her and she smiled into that too she is and will be my one thing.

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