the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


4. Charlene’s pov chapter 4

I was on my way back to the main house when I heard someone screaming

“Harry you dick give me my phone “

I guess I was so lost in thought because a few seconds later and I was on the ground with Liam Payne on top of me

“Got you now give it harry it’s not a joke any more! “

“ I'm not harry and I don’t have your phone so can you please get off me! “he did as I asked and shot to his feet to help me up

“Oh my god I'm so so sorry about that my friend was playing with me and he took my phone and well that how we ended up on the ground.”

“Its fine “

“Are you Ok” the fact that he was asking me that made me melt who knew he cared so much

“ I'm fine are you Ok “

“Oh yeah fine, you headed to the main house love “did he just call me love? Ok dying inside!!!

“Yeah how did you know “

“I took a guess, can I walk you there as an I'm sorry gift?”

“Oh you don’t have to really I'm fine “(PLEASE BEG PLEASE)

“No I want to my treat and on the way we can sneak into the dining room and get some ice cream “

“Ok I can go for some ice cream” (YES!)

“GREAT then follow me love “he held out his hand and I took it and we spent the hole time walking, talking and laughing and by the time we sat to eat or melted ice cream he had given me his number and asked me to meet him after dinner behind the main house to go for a boat ride (BEST DAY EVER).                                                                                                                                            

On my way home all I could think about was how lucky I was to run into Liam, most girls would have hung on to him, or try to chase him and ask him to marry them but I didn’t, I kept my cool and now I get to meet with him after dinner, this was going to be a very good summer. When I got back to the cabin I got my stuff and went to the shower then I got ready for dinner (well not really for dinner but more for what I was doing after) I mean don’t get me wrong I love my food but I really liked Liam and hoped he liked me too, and maybe if he did we could be friends or maybe something more.                                                                                       

As I made my way back to the dining room I went looking for Allie and Alexis to tell them what had happened to me and sure enough when I got there they were sitting on the ground playing cards so I sat beside them.      

“HEY CHARLENE” they both said at the same time witch kind of scared me

“Hey “

“What’s up” said Allie with a weird look on her face

“Nothing why “

“why do you have so much make-up on do you want the corn to ask you out “

We laughed at her pity joke and then I told them everything Alexis freaked out but Allie went shy and pink so I had to ask

“Ok spill you’re not fouling anyone what happened before class today”

“Fine fine” she said with a smile on her face She told us everything and just in time too because Louis had come over and gave Allie a note witch lead us back to laughing and then she was off. So after Allie took off me and Alexis went to go find seats, I sat beside Liam and she got to sit beside harry.

“They seem to be hitting it off I whispered to Liam”, he look at them and then at me and said

“Love at first site I guess” and we both started laughing. And that had to be one of the best dinners I have had in a long time, can’t wait to see what we’re doing after.


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