the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


20. angel's pov Chapter 18

I was in the middle of telling harry how I felt and he was trying to tell me he felt the same way and he just didn’t want to get my dad mad and then I was taken off my feet because he kissed me. I was sitting on his lamp and my hands had found their way around his neck and into his messy hair and I was running out of breath but didn’t want to let go so sadly I let my lips drop.

“angel you don’t know how much I want to be with you but I don’t want you and your dad fighting because of me’

As he said this, a tear came down his face I wiped his tear and kissed him again he was everything I wanted and he was hurting for me . I was getting light headed but all I wanted to do was get closer to him but again I had to let our lips drop but he pulled me back and started to cry into our kiss. I wanted him more than anything in the world and we couldn’t be together. He finally let go and at this point I really didn’t want to but had no choice.

‘harry I’m falling for you and fast and I’m scared but happy and sad but mad and all I know is that whatever happens I need to be with you “

He wouldn’t look at me he didn’t like to cry in front of me but I knew he wanted this just as much as me

“Harry we don’t have to tell....”

He stopped me

“NO no angel we do if he found us he would be so mad at me and you and I can’t lose you because I wanted to be with you we have to tell him and if he says no...”

He stopped he couldn’t say it and I didn’t want to hear it

“ HARRY YOU KNOW  HE’LL SAY NO”I screamed I knew at this point he was giving up before there was even a fight. I was crying now and was ready to give up but I had to tell him

“ harry  I known you since we were 4 and ever since I turned 16 I have had feeling for you and at this point I can’t even say your just a crush because harry I think I’m in love with you"

“Angel I KNOW IM IN LOVE WITH YOU I HAVE LOVED YOU SINCE I WAS 14 AND YOU WERE 12 ANGEL YOUR EVERYTHING TO ME, but I don’t want to take the chance of losing you when I just got you. this summer was like meeting you all over again with how long we were apart


“angel you and I both know that if he were to find out he would break us up and not let you see me  AND IM SCARED OF THAT HAPPING THAT'S WHY I WOULD RATHER BE FRIENDS AND HIDE MY TRUE FEELINGS FOR YOU THEN TO LOSE YOU COMPLETELY BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU I AM NOTHING”

As he said this we were both in tears both red in the face but I didn’t care I looked up into his eyes and kissed him with pain passion love and sadness and then walked out not looking back not saying a word and kept walking until he was gone.

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