the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


40. Allies pov Chapter 36

I woke up in Louis arms. I had missed him so much and last night was really fun after we finished eating we spent the whole time talking and cuddling .Louis meant everything to me but I needed my dad to like him too it's been almost three days since he spoke to me. I was thinking of all of this when I felt someone breath on my neck and notices Louis was awake 


"Hey your awake” I said as I turned to face him 

"Yeah how long have you been up why didn't you wake me?"

"Not long, and I wanted to let you sleep” He kissed me and I got into the kiss then I pulled away for air and he pulled me right back We start to cuddle and stayed like this for a while.

"Louis I love you but we have to get my dad talking to me because I need him and love him too and I can't have the two people I love fighting over me"

"Ok so invite him to an in sorry dinner but don’t tell him in coming"

"I don't know what if he leaves?"

"Then tell him if he tries to leave it just means he doesn't love you enough to solve the problem”

He was right I looked into his big green blue eyes and gave him this big loving smile he always knew how to make me feel better no matter what, even if I was mad at him.

“Baby why do you call him now this way we can meet him for lunch plus you can put him on speaker and we can both listen”

“Ok’ I kissed him and grabbed my phone from the night stand and called my dad

“Hey daddy”

“Hi how are you? I see you found somewhere to stay”

“Well not yet I’m at a hotel”

“Umm ok so what do you need or want?”

“Nothing other than I wanted to see if you wanted to come to an I’m sorry lunch with me “

“Why what’s it for?”

“Well I felt bad about fighting with you and want to make it up to you”

“Oh ok well where we going and for what time”

“Anywhere ill meet you at the house for twelve “


“Ok bye “


I hung up and looked at Louis he was smiling at me.

“Let’s go get ready then”

He got up and went to the washroom and waited

“Are you coming?”

“To shower? Oh ill go after you “

“Why I don’t mind”

He bit his lip and motioned me to come to him, I got out of bed and ran to his side

“Ok” I kissed him and he closed the door behind us.

We got out and got ready. I was doing my hair and it was 11:30

“You almost ready baby” he came behind me and put his hands around my waist and he head in my neck

“Yup” I said smiling. When I was done he took my hand and we went down stair. When we got there we had trouble getting out because the fans had found out Louis was here so we had to go around the back took longer but was more fun . When we got to the parking lot we stopped. He looked at me.

“Should we take different cars?”

“We came in one can we can leave in one car” he looked at me with this weird look. I took his hand and smiled and walked to wards the car. He opened the door for me and went to the driver’s side. When we got to my house I got out my phone phoned my dad and ask him for directions. He told me where to go and I told him I would meet him there, and we were off again. It had been about 25 min and Louis had said a thing something was wrong and it wasn’t him being scared.

“Louis are you mad at me or something”

“What no baby no why?”

“Because you haven’t said anything, you won’t look at me, and you didn’t even grab me hand”

 He laughed.

“I’m thinking about some stuff” he said grabbing my hand and kissing it

“Well stop thinking so much its scaring me..... So what are you thinking about I mean you don’t have to tell me just asking”

He smirked

“Baby you know I tell you everything.” He said looking at me with this sparkle in his eye

He sighed

“I’m thinking about us”

I didn’t say anything at first; it took me by surprise of what he was telling me

“What about us?’

He licked his lips

“About what’s going to happen about what’s happening now about everything?”

He said turning into the parking space

He looked at me and giving me this half smile

“Don’t worry about I’m done thinking let’s just worry about your dad ok”

I nodded I think he saw it in my face because I was worried and scared. He kissed me and it was a kiss that made me forget everything we got out of the car and went inside. We got to the front door and stopped again

“Wait baby what if he’s already in their”

“Louis calm down your making me worrying hopefully he takes you being here in a good way, and it’s like you said if he runs then that proves he doesn’t love me enough to solve the problem”

He looked at me and smile

“Ok ready love “

I nodded he took my hand and walked in.

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