the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


1. Allies pov chapter 1

Today was going to be the best day ever. Today was the first day of summer and I had to be at school for six. Now I know what you’re thinking, if it’s the first day of summer why am I going to school. Well it’s because my class and I are going on a camping trip to Lake Nomans land for the whole summer, and this is no normal summer camp it’s an arts summer camp. I'm going with my music class and ONE DIRECTION is going to be there to teach us, how cool is that!!!!!

“Allie get up your going to be late”

I could hear my dad yelling from down stairs and I really wanted to get up but my eyes wouldn't open and my body wouldn't move

 “Don’t make me get the water “he said, he knew my weakness.

I shot out of my bed and into the shower. When I got out it was 5:00 am so I took my time getting ready and packing making sure I had everything and not forgetting a thing. Then I went downstairs and had something to eat before going to pick up Alexis from her house because my dad was going to drive us 

“Hey “


“Let’s go “ 


We got back to my house and my dad had already gotten my stuff in the car now we just had to get hers in. When we finally got everything and everyone in the car we took off. By the time we got to school and unloaded everything it was 5:45 we got into the music room and everyone was sitting on the stage talking and singing and dancing. Finally we finished loading the bus and said goodbye to our families, and then we were off!                                                                                                                                                         

The way there went by really fast so fast a lot of us weren't even a sleep, there were only two of us that fell asleep one being Alexis and the other being Kim this girl that was up all night thinking of one direction.                                                                                                  

We got off the bus and unloaded everything for the last time in 2 months. Then we meet our head camper Zoey she was really nice and she had a sister named Charlene who would be put in one of our rooms because she was going to be taking part in the camp not work, for it. After our tour we went to the main room where all our stuff was and we went to our cabins. Alexis and me got to our cabin and we found Charlene, she was there trying to get her stuff in the door, so we drop our things and went to go help her. Turns out we loved Charlene she was fun to be around and was super nice.

After dinner we had free time for an hour to look around the camp go for a walk or just unpack and then it was lights out. Before I went to bed I took another shower and I sang my song and went over what we have in our first class. The classes wouldn't be so bad tomorrow because it was the first day and everyone needs to find their classes but our first class is when we get to meet ONE DIRECTION. After I did all that I got into bed when I heard something , I heard voices outside my window and movement , maybe it’s just some of the kids pulling a prank , but no instead it’s a big tour bus with the word one direction on the side and people moving stuff on and off of the bus great I'm never going to sleep .                                                                                                                   

I Woke up from what felt like an hour of sleep I'm starting to hate summer camp, last night there were people right outside my window till about three in the morning and by the time I got to sleep it was like 5 and we had to be up for 6 so I had a rough night. I went to go and look at the time and jumped up when I saw it was 7:35 am I was late on the first day not good. I got up ran to my bag witch I didn’t unpack(too lazy) picked up the first thing in it through it on, got my music and my guitar and ran out the door. 

On my way there I had to run back because I didn’t know where my class was and I needed the paper. Then when I left for the second I had to run in to someone great not my day.

“Hey watch where you’re going!”

“Omg so sorry”

I looked up to see a hand in front of my face and when I finally got up off the ground and looked at the person I couldn't believe my eyes . Louis from one direction was standing in front of OMG FREAKING OUT INSIDE


“OMG I'm so sorry I'm running late and yes I'm Louis “

“No it’s my fault I was in a rush and couldn't find my class and looking up and down and .......”

“How about we share the blame for now look I really need to go I'm late for teaching singing and voice ‘

“Your teaching singing and voice that means your my home room teacher “

“Yeah were all meeting there but if I'm the first one on your list I'm him “

“Wow then can you show me how to get there” 

“Sure if you can keep up I'm kind of in a rush “

“Try me “

We ran for like 5 minutes before I started to get tired and fall behind but lucky for me we had stopped right in front of the class door when I bent over to get my breath back.

“You Ok” he asked after we both had our breath and were ready to go inside 

“Yeah fine”

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