the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


13. Alexis’s prov Chapter 13

I woke up to the sound of Allie screaming Louis name. At first I was happy for her and Louis it was cute that they were together but because she hasn't seen him the last three days  all she has been talking about is how much she missed him.  Anyways I got out of bed just in time to see Allie and Louis leaving they looked so happy. After I went in the shower I went to go get some food , then went looking for Niall  In the last three days I and Niall have become so close and he was so fun to be around. He loved food like me, he loved apple pie like me, and he loved pulling pranks with me. When I found him he was sitting on the dock alone like the first time he saw me (weird anyways)

 “ Hey Blonde”

“ Hey pop star”

He said as I sat down beside him I loved it when he called me pop start it sound so cool

“ What’s up why you alone” I asked as I put my head on his shoulder

“Oh I wasn't alone I was with Liam and harry but harry went off with angel and Liam went to go find Charlene “

“ So you go ditched? “

“I did not get ditched”

He said as he starting to pout

“ Hey it’s Ok now you have me” I said throwing my hands in the air and giving him a big smile

He started to poke my cheeks

“NIALL STOP !!” I said holding his hands then he gave me an evil look and through me into the water .

“NIALL” I screamed when I came to the surface ( he was died )

“Whoops sorry love”

He said laughing

“Fine help me up” I said as I gave him my hand( if I went down he was going down with me)

When he had a good grip on my hand I pulled with all my might


“WHOOPS SORRY LOVE” I said as he gave to surface

“Not cool pop star “

“Oh yeah what you going to do Blonde” I said sticking out my tongue

He gave me a weird smile and dove under water to come up under me I grabbed his head and started screaming



“NO NIALL”(too late )

He threw me into the water and when I came up I was not happy

  “Your mean “ I said as I made my way to the beach

“Babe  I'm sorry, pop star come back” 

He said swimming after me but I didn’t care. He grabbed my arm

“Alexis wait I'm really sorry” he  said as he turned me around to face him, he saw my tears and looked like he was going to cry with me

“Alexis did I hurt you”

I shook my head

“More scared me” I said

He  looked into my eyes and I looked into his, his eye were a great colour of blue and they filled with water

“Niall don’t cry, I'm Ok”

I told him whipping his face he pulled me in for a hug

“ I'm sorry love I won’t hurt or scare you again you mean the world to me”

And with that he pulled away and then kissed me, and I kissed him right back and we stayed like that for a bit, and we were happy. 

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