Sky goes on a school trip, to a so called haunted maze. Well, as things turn out it could be that the first maze isnt haunted, but the one inside is...


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5




I backed up into the corner. I really don’t like crystal and I wanted to get away from her. I also needed space. I’m not claustrophobic, but I don’t like crowded spaces much. I needed a break from them. As I backed up, I had almost reached the wall when I bumped against something. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be good, I mean I was curious, but I knew that I wouldn’t like what I saw. I mean what else could be in a place like this other than bad things and trapped people? I turned around slowly, so as not to attract an unwanted attention. Then I was face to face with a skeleton. Most other girls would have screamed, but not me. I really didn’t care about the fact that there was a skeleton there, and I’m not squeamish in any way. I can see a mouse without screaming, a rat or a spider. I can sit in a dark room without being scared, and I do tend to have my bedroom quite dark anyway.  In its hand was a note. On its other hand was a ring. The skeleton itself looked quite ordinary, and it was quite dark. It looked old, but not more than a year old if I guessed. I took the note out of its hand and shone my light on it. I’m a fast reader, and I quickly read it. Afterward I took the ring off its finger. If what the note said was true, then it could come in useful. The note told Autumn all about the maze within a maze, its origin and about it. It gave her a ruff idea of the layout and what it looked like. It told her what to look out for as well. The bit about the ring said; The golden ring will help you out of here. It gives the wearer a power, but what power depends upon the person. It will be useful. It is the key to the door, and the only key to the door. It will open and close it from both sides. Once the ring leaves this place, the curse will lift. To you, the reader of this note, I give the ring. Beware, do not become greedy for its power, and you will be fine. My only and final wish is that someone close the portal, and leave this place in peace once again. Good luck, and may you survive.

The warning in the letter was a little harsh I thought, but at the same time I had a sinister feeling that said that it was true. If it was then it would be a good idea for me to hold into it. I'm good at not losing things, and I had found it so why should I give it to someone else to look after? I looked back at the skeleton of the last poor owner of the ring. Ever since I had removed the ring the skeleton had started to disintegrate. By now there was a pile of well what I called bone dust. It's legs and pelvis were still solid but they were going to crumble soon. I watched, slightly fascinated as the bones turned to dust. As the last piece crumbled, I felt alone in the world. Scared and lonely. That skeleton was the only other person here who as such knew about the ring. It was now a secret that only I knew. I resolved to tell Sky about it, but only after she had finished chatting to Crystal.

While I waited, I fiddled with the ring, wondering about the power it held. It sounded amazing but in a way I felt like I didn't believe it. I mean how could it be true? So I decided that I should try it out. Put it on. See if the letter was telling the truth. And I did. I pushed it into my right hands fourth finger, where it fitted quite well. As soon as it went on, I felt a rush of adrenalin go through me. I looked at my hand and saw a tiny glow encased in it. I opened my hand and saw a small fire sitting in the middle of it. I saw it and thought to myself, I wonder if this is my power? I held my hand out of me, palm facing outwards. Suddenly a large cylinder of flames burst toward and I cried out, "Watch out!!" so that the others didn't get hurt. They all moved out of the way as the flame reached the other end of the room. It quickly came back after. Most of the others were silent, but Sky came over to me and whispered in my ear. "Let me guess. The ring on your hand gave you that power. You were going to tell me but you didn't want to because you and Crystal don't get along." she got it all right. I subtlety nodded, hoping that nobody noticed. To draw the groups attention off of me Sky decided that we may as well get moving. "Ok everyone, we are going to get going now, so follow me." She called out. She stopped for a moment in front of the map that the others had created, then she continued. Together we then walked through the gateway and into the second maze.


For the first minute of listening Crystal just talked about rubbish. Then once Autumn had backed away, she started to talk properly. But not in a nice way. “Why is she here? I mean she can’t do anything to help us, yet she came with you. Whys that?” Crystal started asking, showing her rather obvious dislike for Autumn. “Stop there.” I started, interrupting her constant flow of questions. “I find that Autumn is an intelligent and nice person, and she is very friendly. If I am friends with her, and she is with me, you will leave her alone. You have no reason that I know of to dislike her. OK?” I told her, stopping her in her tracks. I paused for a minute, and no sound came out of her mouth. “Now your silent. Would you tell me everything that happened before Autumn and I arrived.” I commanded her. She seemed to have gotten over the Autumn thing for now, or at least she had stopped commenting on it. She told me what had happened. There had been an announcement a while back, before I had arrived. This is what she could remember. This is the middle maze. You have one chance to get out. Once the two people left come here, you will have to leave. Once you leave this room you have one hour before you will run out of oxygen. The maps, if you have them, will help. If you are not out in the hour you will die. It is your real body that is here. You may meet other groups along the way. If you are not out, you may be eaten. That is your warning. The next two are the last of your group. They will guide you. Good luck.

The maze had known that Autumn and I would come too, and would bring the map pieces. It had lied to them about the death thing, but I quickly realised that it was meant for Autumn and I, whose bodies are really here. How it knew about that I didn't know, but I knew that this place had to be intelligent. I looked at the map pieces that had been spread out. I asked Crystal to get the others to start trying to make a map, and I told her that she was to help. She nodded weakly, acknowledging that I was in charge. Suddenly a large cylinder of fire shot towards us, accompanied by Autumn shouting “Watch out!” everybody moved out of the way. Once it had subsided I looked at Crystal, and she seemed to get the message. Get the others to try and build some kind of map.

I left them to that and went over to Autumn. I saw the ring in her hand and instinctively read her mind. I found out about the ring easily. “Let me guess. The ring on your hand gave you that power. You were going to tell me but you didn't want to because you and Crystal don't get along.” She nodded subtlety, probably so as not to draw attention to herself. I knew that I could trust Autumn, and it wasn’t her fault that Crystal disliked her, making her partially afraid of her. "Ok everyone, we are going to get going now, so follow me." I called out. Autumn and I walked forward, towards the gateway. I paused for a moment and peered at the map they had made. It didn't look right, so I memorised each piece and put it together in my head. As I did so, we headed out into the second maze.

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