Sky goes on a school trip, to a so called haunted maze. Well, as things turn out it could be that the first maze isnt haunted, but the one inside is...


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4

Together Sky and Autumn entered the house. They looked around in the room for the group but hey were nowhere to be seen. "Ok, let's have a look in there." Autumn suggested, pointing to a door. Sky nodded. "Why not. Come on, let's have a look." Sky replied. They both walked towards the door, and Autumn held it open for Sky. "You first." she said, persuading Sky to go in ahead of her. Sky entered the room cautiously, closely followed by Autumn who didn't want to be left behind. The room was pitch black when they entered it, and Sky felt around the walls for a light switch. While doing so, Autumn pulled out a small torch light from her pocket and turned it on. She swung round so that she was facing Sky and they quickly located the light switch. The lone lightbulb illuminated the room, showing them the seemingly sleeping bodies of the group. The bodies were huddled on the corner of the massive room, and in the middle of the room was what looked like a tv. For the moment both Sky and Autumn ignores this as they made their way to the group. Sky quickly checked for a pulse on one of their necks, and there was a pulse. They were alive.

As Autumn looked at the group, she was sure that something was wrong, but she want sure what. Then, she noticed a piece of map lying on the ground and it clicked. There were map pieces all around the group, but the plastic wallets they came in were all gone. "Hey, Sky, I don't know if this is important, but all the plastic wallets for the map pieces are gone. Also, the map looks different, I mean all of them look very different to anything that it should look like as far as I can tell." Autumn called out to Sky, telling her what she could see. Sky looked around, and saw the scattered map pieces. Both of them were wondering if this meant that the plastic wallets were important. Sky walked round and gathered up the papers, feeling not so nervous now that the room wasn't dark and she was reassured because Autumn was there, and also feeling nervous. As Sky was gathering the maps, Autumn felt a tug at her pocket. Nobody was near her, so she quickly checked her pocket. That was when she understood.

She had her map piece in her pocket, with the plastic wallet. She took the map out of the wallet, and noticed that it was fine on its own, but the wallet still pulled. "Hey Sky, I could do with a little help here, and I think I have an idea about what happened." Autumn shouted over to Sky. Sky immediately turned, and saw that the wallet was pulling Autumn towards the tv like thing in the middle. Sky knew that she hadn't taken a wallet, so that was why it wasn't affecting her in any way. Sky walked over to Autumn and took her map piece. She grabbed Autumns hand a they walked towards the tv in the middle. The pull of the wallet released as soon as Autumn started to walk toward the thing voluntarily. Sky reached it first, and she put her hand on it. As soon as she did so, it started.

They were suddenly sucked into a vortex via the tv, and the wallet acted as a key. If Autumn hadn't been there then Sky wouldn't have been able to get in. The wallet disappeared after one use, and it was only meant to let in one person, but due to the fact that Sky was good with electricity, she made it think that Autumn and her were one person, so it let them both in. Also due to the fact that Sky was there, anything they were holding or had in their pockets also was transported in, mostly by Sky. The others only had a few things that they were holding, sometimes not even. They had all just been dumped on the ground by the vortex as well and had no idea what was going on. They had all been pulled in by their plastic wallets, and had left their map pieces behind. They were dizzy and confused, and hoped that someone would come and help them. Their wish came true as Sky and Autumn landed gracefully on the ground. Being good at climbing trees and landing meant that they instinctively landed well on the ground, even though it wasn't a tree. They quickly looked around, getting their bearings. The rest of the group watched in amazement as they did so. Sky and Autumn were still holding hands and when they realised they let go. Autumn quickly noticed that this had to be another maze, and she guessed that the map pieces would help. Hopefully with this many people they would get a full map, as long as Sky still had the map pieces. Sky quickly reached the same conclusion, and got the maps out of her pocket. She quickly spread them out in front of her, and she gave half to Autumn so that she would do the same. If they worked together, maybe they could figure out what was going on here.

Suddenly, although it didn't seem possible in the dark room they were in, the lights went out. It left them in complete darkness. Luckily Autumn still had her torch on her, and Sky quickly got her iPhone to light up the room. The others were looking around. “Is everybody ok?” Sky asked, taking charge. Everybody nodded, and there were and a few people said yes. “Did anything happen before Autumn and I got here?” Sky asked. She guessed there was, and she already had a good idea as she had read their minds. She was mostly doing this for Autumns sake. It would also help Sky to hear everything. So, Crystal told them everything that had happened, but as she spoke Autumn backed up into a corner, where she found something bad.

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