Sky goes on a school trip, to a so called haunted maze. Well, as things turn out it could be that the first maze isnt haunted, but the one inside is...


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2


After entering the maze I put my school pack lunch in my mini rucksack. I couldn't be bothered to hold it and its easier than having to carry it around. As I walked I put my headphones back on and turned the music up to full. Full volume is very loud as in I couldn't hear anyone else, even if they shouted. They could probably hear my music. I walked my own route to the centre and I hoped that I wouldn't meet any of the others on the way. I knew that there would probably be people at the centre as you had to pass through the centre to get out. As I walked I pondered on the haunted part of the maze. I doubted that the people at the entrance were ghosts, I mean maybe pale but that was probably the work of white powder on their faces. The more I thought about it the more curious I became. I got out my iPhone and went onto safari and searched up the name of the maze. The first site I looked at was Wikipedia. I know that Wikipedia isn't fully reliable but it gave me a general background. As I read I let my legs guide me through the maze, following my chosen path to the middle.

I found out that most people thought that the was haunted, and on all the visit and trip sites there was at least one comment saying that it was haunted. They said that the maze itself wasn't haunted but the middle was. They called it a maze within a maze, but I didn't really get what they meant. This was just one maze right?

The colour green was beginning to get annoying, mostly because everything I could see was green. Green hedge walls, green grass, all of it green. I closed my eyes and wondered what people meant when they said that it was a maze within a maze. As far as I could tell there wasn't much in the middle, but it seemed that the middle was where all this haunting happens. What's so special about the middle. Its just the middle of the maze that I’ve been walking through for the past 10 minutes. As I thought that I checked my watch again. 10 MINUTES? This maze must be massive. I should be near the middle now though.  Lets see if what they say is true or not.

I took a left, then went straight ahead. Then, in front of me, there it was. The middle. I paused my music and stood still for a minute to take in its splendour.


As soon as I got my lunch and map piece I rushed into the maze after Sky. I caught a glimpse of her clothes going round a corner and I ran after her. When I got near her I shouted her name and tried to get her attention, but it didn't work. She seemed to know where she was going, so I decided that the best thing to do was to follow her, what could go wrong? She would go the right way and I would get out of this maze. I caught up so that I was just behind her, and suddenly music started to play. I realised that she had turned her music on and she had probably had it on earlier. That was probably why she hadn’t heard me. She had her iPhone out, and I guessed that she was looking up the maze. I would have done so myself, but I didn't want to lose her. She wasn’t even paying attention to where she was going. I was a little nervous, but I was following her, so I couldn’t protest.

As she scrolled through the Wikipedia page about the maze I peered over her shoulder and had a look. She was having a look at the history of the maze. I read as she read, curious. This is what it said. During the 1980’s a man lived in his house. He had been pestered by lots of people, and hated it. He didn't want to move though, so he started the maze. It had been small at first, but as more people had wanted to see him he had made it larger. The reason why you had to pass through the middle to get out was because his house was the middle, and the maze was like the front and back doors of his house. He left space around his house though, and he made sure that he memorised the way in and out so that he could get in and out. By the time it was big enough and high enough to keep people away, he was 60, and dying. When he had died, he took the way through the maze with him, he never told anyone. It was said that some people died in the maze when they came to look for him. So some of the reason people say that it’s haunted is because they say that they’ve seen the ghost of a person who died there.

The history of the maze was very interesting, and I was engrossed in it, and I was following Sky without even thinking about it. After she had had a look on some other websites she put her iPhone away and I suddenly realised that I had just been looking at it for some time. I pulled back my left arms sleeve a bit and had a look at my watch. I stared at the time in amazement. My legs kept moving after Sky automatically, even though I had been walking and looking at her iPhone for around 10 minutes. I was quite surprised that I had done that, and I summarised that we had to be near the middle by now. I had a feeling that Sky was thinking the same thing. I had a look at the sheet of paper in the plastic wallet that was still in my hand. Usually when I have something in my hand and I concentrated on something else I drop the thing in my hand. However for some reason I hadn’t dropped the useless map piece in my hand. I heard Sky's music stop and I looked ahead. We were finally there. Without any ghost trouble, or problems with hauntings. We had made it to the middle.


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