Sky goes on a school trip, to a so called haunted maze. Well, as things turn out it could be that the first maze isnt haunted, but the one inside is...


1. chapter 1


The letter about the trip shook a bit in Sky's hand. It was home time, and she was just getting onto her hover board, and her hand was trembling a bit. As she moved off, everyone thought that she was riding a bike, as she created the illusion to cover her. That way she could ride her hover board in public and not be caught. Sky took another look at the letter in her hand. It was about a year trip to a famous maze, and it was reputedly haunted. However it was also said that if a boy and a girl went in they would kiss at least once within the maze. So haunted with a twist.  Sky was looking forward to the trip, but she was planning to go in on her own, partly as she was rather shy around other people, and partly because she was bringing her hover board. She wasn’t shy normally, and once you got to know Sky she could be very outgoing, however she didn't socialise a lot, and people didn't notice her a lot. Sky made her way back to her house and went in, then she walked up the stairs to her room and dumped herself on her bed. She studied the letter, then put her parent’s signature at the bottom. Her parents had died when she was two, but Sky lived alone. So she had to forge her parent’s signature as they weren’t alive. She didn't mind too much now, as it had been 12 years at least. Sky was used to it. Once she had signed the letter she put it on her bedside table. She reached to her left at the side of her bed and dragged up her reliable red laptop and got on with her homework.

Finally, after what seem like a year of waiting, the day of the trip arrived. In the morning after registering the whole of Sky's year got on to their designated coaches. Sky sat on a window seat on the left hand side of the coach. She sat near the middle and nobody sat next to her as usual, but she was used to it and didn't really mind. She put on her wireless headphones and listened to music for the hour coach ride. Sky enjoyed the ride, and normally the coach trip turned out better than the actual place. After an hour and a bit had passed they arrived. When the coach stopped, the teacher at the front stood up and told everyone not to rush and a bunch of other stuff, but due to the amount of noise that the other students were making, and the fact that she couldn’t be bothered to take off her headphone, she couldn’t hear any of it. Anyway She thought, If I wanted to know what he’s saying, I could just read his mind. Not that it matters anyway. I’ll be fine. I always am. After a few minutes the teacher realised that he wasn’t going to get anywhere and he let the group off the bus. Sky quickly put her rucksack on her back and pushed her way out of the bus, just as the others were doing.  As soon as she got off the bus Sky made her way over to the entrance where the rest of her year were waiting. Once all of the people on the trip were gathered, the teacher who had organised the trip went up to the staff and told them. Suddenly, the loud speakers stared up. “Hello there kids. Before you go in, we have a few things to say. One. Try and go in in pairs or groups and stick together. Two. You HAVE to go through the middle to get out. When you reach the middle you will know. Three. You will each get a bit of map in a plastic wallet. All are different, and none are the complete map. If you are lucky the people in your group will get a complete map. Now please line up in groups or pairs and await your turn.” Once the announcement was over, everybody was rushing around, getting into groups with their friends. Sky just stood to the side and watched. She would have gone with some of her friends but they looked fine without her, so Sky decided to leave it. She went to get into the line, and waited to get in.

After around ten minutes of waiting Sky got in to the maze. She had seen some of the map pieces and had managed to piece them together in her head. She had declined a piece of map, saying that she didn't need one and that the people behind her would want one. However, she did take one of the school pack lunches, even though she didn't need one. She had her small rucksack with some good food in, but it would have looked weird to not take a school pack lunch. So Sky got into the maze, on her own. Without a map. Not that it really mattered anyway. Sky found mazes really easy, and she normally could map them out in her mind, so this wouldn't be much different. It cant be that bad, now can it. Just need to see if this place is haunted now.


As Autumn rode home from school with her mum in the car, she had another look at the letter about the maze trip in her hand. The whole year would be going and it was free. It was to a haunted maze, well, everyone says that its haunted anyway so why shouldn’t it be? And it looked quite good. Autumn was planning to show the letter to her mum when she got home, and hopefully get it signed. When they finally arrived home, she showed the letter to her mum. She took the letter and Autumn headed upstairs to do her homework before dinner. At dinner time, her mum gave her back the signed letter, and Autumn was really pleased. “Thanks mum, I can’t wait for this trip, I think that it will be quite good. Will you pack me lunch for that day, you know what the school packed lunches are like.” Her mum smiled and nodded.

 “Don’t worry Autumn, I’ll sort out a good lunch for you.” Her mum replied. At that Autumn headed back up to her room.

Autumn wasn’t a very social girl, and she mostly kept to herself. She had a few good friends, but she spent most of her time reading at the library. She is quite intelligent and was in the top classes for everything, and she’s also good at languages. Autumn was rather shy and usually didn't talk to others much, and she rarely answered questions in class. She was an acquaintance of Sky’s, but they hardly saw each other. They were still friends though.

After ages of waiting, the day of the trip arrived. Before Autumn left for school, her mum gave her a bag containing lunch. “Thanks mum!” She called out as she left the house. When she got out she quickly wiped her glasses clean on her tie and put them back on, her chocolate brown eyes looking around while she waited for her dad to come to the front with his van to take her to school. After registering with her register group Autumn made her way to the coaches waiting to take them to the maze. Her group was late and they were on the last bus. Sky was also on that bus, and Autumn noticed her as she got on. She would have sat with her but Autumn was too shy to ask. Sky looks happy on her own. There’s a space behind her, I could just sit there. Autumn though. So she sat behind Sky, put on headphones, plugged them in, and like Sky she listened to music throughout the whole coach journey.

When they arrived Autumn stayed sitting until the rest of the coach was empty, then she made her way off. She was just in time to hear the announcement, even though it didn't really make any difference to her. She managed to get into the line just behind Sky, and while she contemplated saying hi, she decided just to leave it. When it was finally her turn she took a lunch, a piece of map and told them that she was in a group with Sky, and proceeded to run after Sky. As she ran after Sky and into the maze I hope that this place isn’t haunted. Is what she thought.


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