My New Best Friends

Lily, Ariana, and Niall become best friends!


3. Chapter 3

I sank and sank and sank in the water. I felt like a was going to die.


But just then when I thought I was going to die I felt two strong arms around my body. We got back to the surface. I don't remember a thing. Everything around me was blurry.

I heard a cute Irish accident over me. "Are you okay? Can you hear me?" The Irish voice asked.

I coughed up some water. I felt a hand on my back. I rubbed my eyes. Everything was starting to clear up. "What happened?" I asked ribbing my head.

"You fell in the lake" the voice said.

"Oh.........ugh my head hurts" I said rubbing my head.

"Here let me see" he said. He looked at my head. "Omg your head is bleeding badly" he said. "I'm going to talk you to the hospital" he said. He first took his shirt off and wrapped my head wound with it. Then he lifted me up bridal style. I put my hand on his bare chest and my head on his shoulder. Then I slowly fell asleep.






~A/N hey everyone I hope you like it Sould I continue? Twitter: @lilox9 Kik: LilyRox132 Facebook: lily rose horan

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