My New Best Friends

Lily, Ariana, and Niall become best friends!


2. Chapter 2

It's may 30!

Today they are announcing the winners for the contest! I am freaking out. I mean what if I win. But what if I lose I'll be so sad. Anyways I'm exited! Any who My brother Matt was playing black ops all day and he was so loud! Also I was trying to practice my gymnastics routine. After awhile I couldn't take the noise so I took a walk in the woods. I went all the way to the Wilson lake. I saw my friend, Nichole, she was taking pictures of the ducks. "Hey Nicki" I shouted.

She jumped. And all 23 ducks flew away. "Ugh Lily" she said.

"Sorry" I apologized.

"It's fine" she said.

We then took a seat on the rusty old bench. I used to sit on this bench with my mum and gram's every day and feed the ducks until they ummm........died in a car accident. And the only time my dad came out here was when I was five and fell of the biggest tree here and broke my arm... and I haven't been here since. I felt a tear come down my eye. It hurts just to think about them.

"What's wrong Lil?" Nichole asked.

"Oh nothing" I said wiping my tear.

"Umm do you want to go on the swing?" Nichole asked.

"Sure" I said getting up.

"Beat you there" she said running there. She got there first. "Haha" she said. She started to swing.

I was always so nervous about this swing because you go over the lake... and it's 19 feet deep. Also it's not a strong rope.

"Hey Lil, your turn" Nichole said getting off.

I got on the swing very nervously. Nicki grabbed the ropes and started to push back and forth, back and forth. I was getting higher and higher. Then all of a sudden. *snap* the rope broke!



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