My New Best Friends

Lily, Ariana, and Niall become best friends!


1. Chapter 1

Dear diary, It's May 26.

 Only a month till my birthday and the same day as my favorite singer/actress, Ariana Grande's birthday. So anyway today I had school, and it was horrible. First I was late for school and I got a tardy. Second this guy named Dylan was calling me a slut, bitch, whore, and other hurtful things. Third someone spilt there macaroni on me at lunch. Then I got detention for talking in class. So yeah today sucked! But that's what pretty much happens every day so I got used to it.



I put my diary in it hiding spot, under my mattress. Then I grabbed my iPod and started to lesson to 'Put Your Hearts Up' by Ariana Grande, then went on twitter. I scrolled through a bunch of crap. Then I saw that there was a contest to meet Ariana Grande on the set of 'Sam and Cat' and then get to stay at her place for the month of June. I screamed. My protective older brother, Matt, came in. "LILY! Be quiet! What's wrong?" Matt asked. "Oh nothing it's just that there's a contest to meet Ariana! My idol. On the set of 'Sam and Cat' then stay with her, at her place for a month!" I pretty much screamed. "Lily, you don't have to scream I'm right here" He said. "Oh sorry" I said. "That's cool, are you going to enter the contest?" He asked. "No I don't think so" I said sarcastically. "Really" he asked. "No! Of course I'm going to enter!" I screamed again. "Okay then" Matt said then walked out of my room.



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