The Light in the Darkness

Light will always be there to save you from the darkness. A last minute entry for Bobsicle and Billie The Dragon-Owl's Competition


1. What


   What is it that you fear? Creeping creatures? Towering men? Flickering lights? There is something much worse out there. I am seen as the very definition of fear at times. I can conceal the truth from all. I can consume the lost in one giant gulp. I can spread far and wide into the highest skyscrapers that you are so proud of and into the tiniest crack where you attempt to hide. I am everywhere. You may perceive me as terrifying, but there is no need to fear me when I lay dormant. At least, not until I awaken to combine with my allies. I am the darkness and I will succeed.


   With a curve of the lip or a shimmer of a laugh, you can make me sink to the grey corners of the room; the land; the world. A number of you already know this trick and think you’ve gotten rid of me; think you’ve emerged in victory but never can I lower my white flag. No, I am everywhere. I will easily latch onto my next victim, pulling them down



Together with my supporters, we will rise and there will be nothing any man nor woman nor child can do. Without your interfering friend, nothing can stop us.


   You wish to know more about these little allies of mine? You wish to know how we can rise up if you know how to conquer me? Well, we all have one thing in common; none of us will ever be accepted. The shadows are chased away at sunset. I am shunned to a corner in the brightness. The night lengthens then shortens and can be stretched for too long throughout the year. Many tolerate us, maybe even see that we are a way for escape but few truly want us. Light will be there to scrubber any chance of our domination; the knight shining valiantly in the sunrise. But we’re always there. I, the leader of the silhouettes, become invincible with the night, so we can infiltrate anything together. Patience is what we need apparently. Patience until the sun goes down and we can take over. Patience. You wish to know why I want to be feared from now on by all? I have been patient for too long.


    Unfortunately, our enemy will always find a way to be by your side forever and, with them, we won’t stand a chance.


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