The Light in the Darkness

Light will always be there to save you from the darkness. A last minute entry for Bobsicle and Billie The Dragon-Owl's Competition


3. We


   “We will be there for you no matter what.” His kind words echo against the cave in my heart. I don’t deserve him. I don’t deserve anyone. Venturing further through my memories, I lay in the old bed in the shelter, my Father snoring softly next to me and my Mother on my other side. I loved them with all my heart, but before I felt that I couldn’t burden them with my feelings of fright. Many a time, I used to waste a candle and sit downstairs, looking out of the window into the endless road, blackened by ash and the night. I used to hate the dark. I hated how it would hid things from me. But, I had light.


   All I can think of was the words Father had spoke when they both discovered me downstairs alone with a candle tonight, Mother’s shivering hand steadied when on my shoulder. They had both come downstairs after they had discovered the emergency candle stack had diminished a lot lately...




   The curtains were meant to be closed due to the blackout but I couldn’t block out the light. I couldn’t fall to it. The candle blinked and I thought that perhaps it was about to go out, but it stayed. I swayed back and forth slightly, just thinking. However, something would soon interupt my thoughts. Flicking on the light switch, I turned to see my Mother immediately hit my Father gently with the back of her hand and exclaimed, “We’re in the middle of a blackout you know!”


   I jumped at the flash of light and their sudden entry brought a cool wind, which threatened the flame to go out again. It didn’t, thankfully, though. Waiting in silence, we were all looking up anxiously for the same thing; the sirens. They didn’t go off either, so now I stared at my parents.

“Camellia, we know you don’t want to go but… please don’t hide from us.” Tearing up, Mother swallowed a small stone in her throat as I did to do. I had hidden in the dark too long. Both of them came towards me and embraced me in their arms. Like a small child, I cried and cried.

“I can’t leave, I want to stay here and help you.”

“You’ll help more out there in the country, covering for the young men who have gone out there.” Father said, pulling me up from the pile to look straight into his eyes.

“You can’t blame your age for not being able to fight by their side, darling.” Mother sighed. Father had been complained ever since they rejected him at the signing-up office. I was glad he was too old to go, but deep down Father wanted to do his country proud like he had done during the first war when he was young. “Evacuation will save you my dear, and that's all that we want. Think of all the adventures you’ll have. You’ve always wanted to travel.” She continued.

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to leave you behind in this dump.”


   My tears fell and hit the candle’s light exactly, making it shrink slightly. The darkness closed in, laughing as my tears empowered it.

“We will be there for you no matter what.” Father held me again whilst my mother gently sang,

“Yes, we will always be by your side.”


   I couldn’t stop the tears, but the sirens interrupted my thoughts. Wailing, my parents were the first to come back from our serenity to reality. Holding my Fathers’ hand, Mother grabbed his but they didn’t run. They turned to me. “We know you hate the dark, but you’ve got to blow the candle out now.” The ground shook as a bomb impacted the floor near us. Glass chattering, I looked towards the candle longingly.

"You have us. There's no need to be scared whilst we're by your side." Father pulled me back with him. "There's no need for your tears, my angel. The light will always find it's way back to you."


   My family were more important than my fear. Blowing it out, I let the warmth of love fill my body. My ears couldn’t hear the explosions. My head couldn’t feel the pain. My heart didn’t feel the fear. The candle’s light overflowed and the darkness of the night’s shadows screamed. I had defeated them as I defeated my fear. Light will always bring me back from the brink of despair.




   Now, we were safe in the shelter at the bottom of the garden. No longer crying, I continued to hold my parent’s hand. I might have to leave them, but they would never leave me. The light entered the darkness and, although the roof still rocked with the explosions, nothing could harm us. Not now, not ever. Now, we were the light in the darkness.

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