The Light in the Darkness

Light will always be there to save you from the darkness. A last minute entry for Bobsicle and Billie The Dragon-Owl's Competition


2. Are


   Are you there? I quiver as a deathly wind threatens to blow me down. Hands cover my face in effort to save me. The wind passes and I’m still standing. I want to thank my saviour with a warming embrace but that could have fiery consequences so I would have to just keep her warm. I feel my wax melt a little bit further so I call out into the night once again. I knew he was here. If night was around, the shadows would be too and if they were here, so was he; the darkness. Threatening to take over my world with his emptiness, he could never crush me. I knew this would come eventually. It was inevitable, but I still had to fight to keep him at a safe distance. At least for a little while.


   I can take many forms, like a stupendous smouldering star or a spark in a broken bulb, but one of my favourites is the candle flame. Though small, a candle can make a difference in any one’s mind. I can also be the glimmer in a laugh or the glow of hope in a heart. Now, I am with a little girl, whose terror has overcome her. I can’t let him take anyone into his suffocating palms, so I will remain by her side tonight.


   Always there, I can be your follower in your quest for answers of truth. I can be your leader to guide you through the maze of torment. I will hold your hand and join you with many around the world, as long as you let me in. I need you as much as you need me. Without hope, happiness, love, imagination, friendship and anything that keeps the world turning, I will fade. I can’t do that. I can’t let the darkness win. I need you.


   This little girl, with her coal hair hiding her eyes, is my carrier. She breathed life into me when she lit a match and now I must carry her forward; forward into her fear. She thinks she is alone, but I will never leave. The sun will bring her even more hope tomorrow, if she can just get through this one night. Please say that I can stop her from getting too scared. Melting a little further down, I realise there isn’t much time left. I whisper again, my yellow and orange flames turning and twisting in a chorus of ‘Are you there?’


   Finally, my enemy dives in around us as the little girl blows out the light. It's her turn to beat him.

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