the time of my life

i was walking into the 02 when one direction past me and they said hello and i said hi what did they ask next???


1. omg

i was walking into the 02 then one direction past. they said hello i said hi. they said to me can i listen to u sing i said ok. then i started to sing one way or another. they said to me gosh ur a lovley singer i said thanks. will u play up on stage with us they asked?? me play with one direction on stage in front of millons of pepole. i was saying  in my head omg. then i said... yes 

(i had to) i was amased  all of the people started to clap when we went on stage. they sayd hello this is  beacky who is going to sing with us tonight. they all started cherring my name beacky beacky beacky. after the show we were talking and they said to my will u sing with us for now when we are singing in the 02 i sad sure.(yippee) 

thanks i said and they said no thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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