Just A Friend? (OneDirection FanFiction)

Lisa is a famous Fashion Designer. On a typical monday as she heads to her Fashion Studio, she dosen't lnow that she will be the fashion designer of ONE DIRECTION!!!!

***I will be updating every day hopefully :)
Please enjoy !!! ***


7. Sleeping Kiss

It was a 4-hour flight and only 1 hour has passed and I had done nothing. The boys were sleeping except for Liam and Niall.


“Want to play a game?” I hear Liam say. At last someone has said that I think to myself.


“Why not?” I hear Niall say. I didn’t answer because I was too happy that someone offered a game to play.


“Lisa…? You in?” I hear Niall say.


“Oh! Yeah! Of course!” I say as I shake my head slightly to wake up from another world.


“Truth or Dare?” I hear Liam say looking at me.


“Yeah! But not crazy dares… Were on a plane you know…” I say smiling a lot.


“Ahaha! Ya!” I hear Niall say staring at me.


“Okay I start!” I hear Liam say hoping for a yes from me.


“Yeah. Sure” I say still smiling.


“Lisa… truth or dare? Liam says.


“Umm… truth…? I say scared to get something awful.


“Umm. Okay. What were you about to say when you were talking about the paying back.” I see Liam say and smile mysteriously.


“It’s a surprise! Do I really have to tell you!?” I say with a puppy dogface.


“Yup!” I hear Liam laugh.


“Okay… but don’t tell ANYONE else… okay?”


“Okay!” I hear Liam and Niall say at the same time.


“Okay… I’m going to prank you guys… Well not you two anymore…” I say and laugh.


“What! You were going to prank us!?” I hear Niall say in s strange way.


“Yup! But now the other boys… not you!” I say confidently! But knowing I’m lying.


“Okay… Niall… truth or dare!?” I ask interrupting them both and laughing.


“Dare!” Niall says smiling/


“I dare you to kiss Zayn in his sleep!” I say laughing!




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