Just A Friend? (OneDirection FanFiction)

Lisa is a famous Fashion Designer. On a typical monday as she heads to her Fashion Studio, she dosen't lnow that she will be the fashion designer of ONE DIRECTION!!!!

***I will be updating every day hopefully :)
Please enjoy !!! ***


11. NAKED !?

“Knock Knock!”


“I’ll get it!” I hear Niall yell and go over to the door.


“Hello!” I hear the yell from the door as I walk out of the bathroom.


“You…you look amazing!” I hear Harry say staring at me.


“Uhm. … Thank you.” I say smiling.


“Seriously… sometimes Harry is crazy!” I think to myself.


“So you want to go to the beach guys?” I see Zayn ask.


“I think I have to work on your costumes guys…” I say frowning.


“No!!! You will work on it later!” I hear Niall cry like a baby and pulling me out of the room in his pajamas.


“Go get dressed Niall! I say pushing him in the room and laughing.



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