Just A Friend? (OneDirection FanFiction)

Lisa is a famous Fashion Designer. On a typical monday as she heads to her Fashion Studio, she dosen't lnow that she will be the fashion designer of ONE DIRECTION!!!!

***I will be updating every day hopefully :)
Please enjoy !!! ***


19. Lies

I come to back to the hotel and here laughs as I approach to the room me and Niall are staying in. I put in the card and open the door.


"Hey!!!" I hear the boys say smiling at me. I just put on a fake smile. I was sad about what the girl said at the store. It's not like I cared but still... 


"You ok?" I hear Niall say looking at me.


"Yeah... Did I disturb you guys?" I ask already frowning.  


"Ofcourse not! The boys were actually already leaving..." Niall says pushing the boys out.


"Bye Lisa!" I hear the boys yell Niall closing the door.


"Lisa... tell me!!!" Niall says whining and making me sit next to him.


"Nothing to tell." I say turning around not facing Niall.


"Don't you trust me?" Niall says pain in his eyes.


"Does this involve hate?" Niall asks picking up my chin I don't answer.


"Whatever they say... Don't believe them!" Niall says kissing me.


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