Just A Friend? (OneDirection FanFiction)

Lisa is a famous Fashion Designer. On a typical monday as she heads to her Fashion Studio, she dosen't lnow that she will be the fashion designer of ONE DIRECTION!!!!

***I will be updating every day hopefully :)
Please enjoy !!! ***


8. Hotel Problems

We walk out of the airport into a huge crowd of screaming fans.


“WHO IN THE WORLD IS SHE?” I hear A LOT of fans say. But we just ignore them and see that Harry already ordered a limo.


“A limo?” I say confused looking at the boys.


“It was Harry!” I hear Zayn and Niall say and laugh. We sit down in the limo and go to our hotel.




We arrive at the hotel and walk to the lobby where the boys start to pay.


“Oh No! Your not paying this time!” I say and hand the money as the boys pretend to cry.


“Thank You!” I hear all the boys say.


“You shouldn’t have but… what was done is already done!” I hear Niall say and we both laugh. We go up to the 12 floor and have 3 rooms.


“So how are we going to separate the rooms?” Harry asks. I stay quiet while they talk. I wasn’t paying much attention so I didn’t hear anything they said.


“Lisa???” I hear Niall say shaking me slightly. I wake up from my dream.


“You got any ideas?” Louis asks me.


“Ideas…?” I ask.


“Ideas for room mates!” Liam answers happily.


“Oh… I actually don’t care that much but… Harry and Louis should stay together. You can’t separate love birds cant you?” I answer confidently and them laugh.


“We are!” I hear Harry and Louis say at the same time.


“Well okay… We just need your opinion here… So listen carefully… We are going to have a race and whoever goes wins goes first gets to pick a room mate…” I hear Zayn say.


“Okay…. Do I participate or do I…I…” I cough and wait for an answer. I actually didn’t want to pick a partner so badly so I would leave it all to the boys.


“Its your choice!” I hear Liam say smiling.


“I’ll leave it to you boys!” I say smiling and sitting down on some sofas.


“I’m glad random people are not allowed in this hotel.” I think to myself as they walk out.


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