Just A Friend? (OneDirection FanFiction)

Lisa is a famous Fashion Designer. On a typical monday as she heads to her Fashion Studio, she dosen't lnow that she will be the fashion designer of ONE DIRECTION!!!!

***I will be updating every day hopefully :)
Please enjoy !!! ***


2. A New Beginning


“BEEP BEEP!” My alarm came on. I looked at the alarm it was 10:30. I jumped out of my bed happily knowing I will be able to see the boys again! Oh and did I tell you, I am now friends with the 5 boys! Their names are, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. And today is out meeting!  I rubbed my eyes and got out of bed. I took a shower brushed my teeth and let my hair dry today. I didn’t have to hurry. We were meeting up at 3:00 at Starbucks. I applied my makeup on with a Caramel pink lip-gloss. I didn’t want to eat today because I was too excited for my new career! I did my nails and got dressed. I put on a pinkish dress and looked at the time it was already 2:45. I went to my car and headed to Starbucks. When I arrived it was already 3:00. I rushed inside it was really hard to get there because there was a huge crowd of teens around Starbucks.

“I guess the boys are here…” I whisper quietly and frown.

“Common!” I felt someone grab my hand.

“Niall Is that you?” I asked curiously still frowning. I didn’t get an answer. All we did was run.

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