New Life

I moved to Holmes Chapel with my mum, it was a big difference from Cornwall. It was a fresh start, new house, new life.
When Hattie moves away from her old life, leaving her friends and her abusive dad behind. Her new neighbour just happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction.


4. Chapter 4

Niall opened the front door. 

"Niall! I can't go in." I protested but Niall ignored me and grabbed hold of my arm and dragged me inside. 

"Harry!" Niall called and Harry, and of course, the rest of the boys came out to the hall. Harry's eyebrows raised when he saw me. 

"What're you doing here?" He asked me, I opened my mouth to say something but Niall pushed up the sleeves of my jumper revealing the cuts. 

"You did this." Niall accused. "She also tried killing herself." 

"She's lying." Liam protested. I shook my head. 

"I heard everything you said. I'm poor for a reason, me and my Mum are in debt because we had to move without any money, we had no choice. My Dad would abuse us every day and it had gone on for too long." I explained. "Losing the only friend I made here kinda pushed me off the edge. I have no friends, my old friends abandoned me the second I moved, the only felt sorry for me." The boys stared at me in shock, except for Harry of course, he knew already. 

"So you are using me then?" Harry accused and I shook my head quickly. 

"No! I don't care that you're famous, to be honest. I thought you were kind when I first talked to you." I retorted. 

"Harry? I'm sorry, I really did say those things. I was jealous, I guess, even though I have Dani." Liam admitted. All the boys looked at him with shock. 

"Why did you lie?" Harry asked. 

"I didn't want to fight." Liam mumbled and then he turned to me. "I'm sorry, Hattie." 

"It's fine." I replied. Harry then pulled me into a hug and whispered "I'm sorry" into my ear.

I became friends with all of them after that and I thanked Niall for helping. Liam, Louis and Zayn's girlfriends arrived the next day, they were nice too. The boys and the girls were staying for the rest of the week then they're all going on holiday to a cottage they have rented for two weeks. 

I was with Louis in the kitchen getting everyone drinks. 

"I'm glad you and Harry are fine now." Louis said. I turned around and saw he was behind me. He then leaned and kissed me just as Eleanor, his girlfriend walked into the kitchen. 

"Do you need any ..." Eleanor said as she walked in and saw Louis' lips on mine. I pulled away quickly. I looked at Louis in shock and he turned and saw Eleanor. 

"I'm so sorry, please let me explain." Louis began but she shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks, and ran out of the room. 

"What the hell?" I asked Louis and he turned to face me. 

"I'll explain later." He said quickly and ran after Eleanor. I put my head in my hands. Louis couldn't possibly like me, could he? I carried on getting the drinks and took them into the lounge, Eleanor and Louis weren't there.  

"What happened?" Liam asked curiously. 

"Louis kissed me and Eleanor saw." I explained and they all looked at me in shock. "Then Eleanor walked out and Louis followed her."  

"Wow." Zayn murmured. The front door opened and Louis walked into where we all were. His eyes and cheeks were red from where he had been crying. 

"I'm sorry, Hattie." He apologised to me. 

"It's fine." I replied, "What happened?" 

"She broke up with me, she wouldn't let me explain." Louis told us and he went and sat down. "She got a cab and is going back home." 

We all helped to cheer up Louis and when it started to get dark I went home. I walked straight into the lounge where my mum was sitting and I sat on the sofa next to her. 

"Ugh." I moaned as I sank into the cushion. 

"What's up?" Mum asked and I looked at her. 

"Boys! Louis kissed me today and his girlfriend saw. I hate drama!" I told her and buried my face in my hands. 

"Oh, try your best to stay out of it, you don't want to cause too much trouble." Mum warned me. 

"Louis' girlfriend dumped him too." I mumbled. 

"That's not good. If I were you I would stay away, sounds like if you go near him you will just get your heart broken." Mum advised me. 

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