New Life

I moved to Holmes Chapel with my mum, it was a big difference from Cornwall. It was a fresh start, new house, new life.
When Hattie moves away from her old life, leaving her friends and her abusive dad behind. Her new neighbour just happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to blinding bright light and loud beeping noises. I turned my head to see Mum staring at me from the chair. I was in hospital. The bleach hadn't killed me like I had hoped. Of course, there is never an easy way out. 

"Honey?" Mum asked me. 

"Yeah." I mumbled quietly. 

"Why? Why did you try and kill yourself? You have friends, and a job, don't you?" Mum asked me with shock, nothing seemed to fit why I would want to kill myself. 

"I have no friends, Harry ditched me. No one likes me. I'm just a waste of space with no hope in life." I explained to her. 

"You are going to stay away from Harry, I told you he might be trouble and yet you still talked to him." Mum told me, it was if this was my fault. I suppose it is. 

I was in hospital for a week, I was also grounded. Mum had my laptop and she checked my phone to see if I was still talking to Harry. I only had my phone because of work. I didn't want my phone either, I tried to give it back to Harry but Mum told me I couldn't leave the house and I was keeping the phone because it was a gift. I also had to see someone too, about my issues. I had to tell them everything, from my Dad to Harry and his friends. Mum was convinced that all the abuse from my Dad had caused me to become mental and suicidal. 

After a week of being at home Mum gave me back my laptop and I saw that Harry had blocked me on Facebook. I also went back to work, work thought I had had a seizure. Mum didn't want everyone to know I was suicidal, as if she was ashamed of it. My Mum became good friends with Harry's Mum and of course, Harry's Mum told my Mum that I had tried to split One Direction up. Mum didn't believe any explanation I gave her and grounded me again. Why didn't anyone believe me? Why didn't the others back me up? Mum was also told that the boys had gone back to their flat in London.

I looked at the contacts on my phone and saw Harry had put the rest of the boys' numbers on there too. I then sent a message to Niall. 

Me: Hi Niall, it's me, Hattie. Why hasn't anyone told Harry the truth? My Mum doesn't believe me either. Please tell Harry the truth. Tell Harry I never tried to turn him against his friends. 

Niall: I have, he thinks I have some huge crush on you. He doesn't believe Liam would say such a thing. 

Me: Please, just try and get Liam to own up. Please. 

Niall: He won't own up, he says that you're lying. 

I then threw my phone at the wall and the screen smashed. I curled up and cried. Then I grabbed a knife from the kitchen, Mum was at work, and cut my wrists. The pain felt good and removed every ounce of anger that I had in my body. I then grabbed a paper towel and let it soak up the blood, just then the doorbell went and I shoved the knife in a bowl of hot water. I pulled my sleeves down and answered it. It was Niall. 

"Hey." He said when I answered it. 

"Hey, I thought you guys were in London?" I asked him and he shook his head. 

"We came back here for the weekend. Harry  wanted to see his parents." He replied then looked down. "What happened to your wrist?! It's bleeding!" Niall gasped in shock, I looked down at my wrist and saw my long sleeved jumped was covered in blood. Niall pulled back my sleeve and saw the mess I had made of my wrist. "What did you do?!" 

"Cut my wrist." I mumbled. 

"purposely?" Niall asked and I nodded. "Is it because of Harry?" And I nodded again. 

"I also tried killing myself, I drank bleach." I muttered. Niall looked at me in shock. He then walked inside, dragging me with him. He cleaned up my wrist and I got changed into another jumper. He then took me around to Harry's house saying Liam will apologise. 

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