New Life

I moved to Holmes Chapel with my mum, it was a big difference from Cornwall. It was a fresh start, new house, new life.
When Hattie moves away from her old life, leaving her friends and her abusive dad behind. Her new neighbour just happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction.


2. Chapter 2

"It's really complicated." I couldn't say the real reason. 

"You have to say." Liam replied, Harry shook his head. 

"No, she doesn't." Harry cut in and span the bottle again. I had to tell him thanks some time. The pizza then arrived and Harry got up to go pay for it. He then carried the pizza in with a pile of plates. We all took a plate and a slice of pizza and talked about anything. 

"So, when are you guys going on tour?" I asked. 

"September, after the summer." Zayn told me. 

"We have all summer to spend together, we're also spending two weeks in a cottage we're renting." Harry added. "This summer is gonna be epic. What are you gonna be doing this summer?" 

"Staying at home I think." I replied. I have never been on holiday, Dad always said it was a waste of money. 

"Have you ever been on holiday?" Niall asked me. I shook my head. 

The time went by quickly, when it was ten I said goodbye to everyone and went home. I let myself in and saw Mum was still up. I locked the front door and said goodnight to Mum and went to bed. I woke up at nine and switched on my laptop. I logged onto Facebook then took a quick shower. When I got back I found I had a message from Harry. 

Harry: Wanna go out somewhere today? Like go to the cinema? 

Me: Sure :) 

Harry: I will be around in a minute, the boys are still asleep. 

Me: OK 

I grabbed my bag and through my purse, which had a tenner in, and ran downstairs to find Mum was in the kitchen about to leave for work. 

"I'm going out with Harry today." I told her. 

"OK, here's your house key." Mum said throwing my a key with a keyring on it with my name on. I smiled at her and before I could say thanks Mum cut in with a warning "Be careful, Harry is famous so he could end up, most likely will, break your heart. So if I were you I would stay friends." 

"Thanks for the keyring, and OK." I thanked her and slipped my shoes on just as the doorbell rang. I answered the door, Harry stood there looking handsome. 

"Heya." I said with a small smile. 

"Hi." He replied, smiling back at me. I stood outside and we walked to Harry's car. I got in the passenger seat and he slid into the drivers' seat. 

"So what film? You will have a better idea of what films are showing than I do." I said. 

"Um, how about The Host? It's like Twilight, apparently, if you have ever seen Twilight." He asked me. I hadn't seen the film, of course, but I have read the book. 

"I haven't seen Twilight but I have read the book, so sure." I replied and he nodded. It took ten minutes to get to the cinema. When we got there people pointed at Harry and some people took pictures. 

"Crap, paparazzi are here." Harry growled under his breath. We went inside the cinema and I tried to pay for my ticket but Harry wouldn't allow it and paid instead. He even paid for my popcorn. 

"Thanks, but you shouldn't waste money on me." I told him, he shook his head. 

"Your a friend, plus you have had a difficult time and I happen to have a lot of money." He explained. 

"I was lucky to get fifty pounds from my grandparents." I murmured. "I don't have a job and we're still in debt." I told him. 

"Where are you going to go? How are you gonna get the money." My Dad howled with laughter as Mum had threatened to move out. 

"I have the money." She told him, I saw the fear in her eyes. "Come on, Hattie, pack your things, we're moving first thing tomorrow, it's been all arranged. We're leaving."  

I ran upstairs and packed everything I ever owned. I couldn't say goodbye to my friends. But at the end of the day I'm getting away from Dad. That has to be good right? I know Mum will be in debt for a while, I still don't understand how she got the money either, but I will help her pay it off, as soon as I get a job that is. The following morning we left Nan and Grandad's house, we stayed there the night and they had given me a fifty pounds for emergencies, and I didn't have to pay it back and consider it last birthday present since Dad had not let them get me anything. Mum had told me we were moving to Holmes Chapel, I was really excited.

I suddenly realised I was daydreaming just as the film was about to start. The film was pretty crap, even Harry agreed with me. We then drove back to his house. 

"I really need to go job searching." I murmured. 

"You can drop your CV into a few shops around here, there's loads that will hire you." Harry reassured me. I looked at him with wide eyes. 

"Are you sure?!" I said with surprise. 

"Yeah, if you want I can go round with you and help you hand some out." Harry said. 

"Sure, thanks." I replied. 

When we got back to Harry's house, the boys had gone out for lunch, he helped me write my CV and print some off. We then went around to every shop and gave them my CV. I was so excited to get a job. We had to give them Harry's mobile number since I don't have a phone they can call me on yet. That night Harry told me I had got the job at Starbucks and I was starting tomorrow, they didn't bother interviewing me either. 

I woke up early and got ready, when I was about to leave the doorbell rang and I went to the door and answered it. 

"Hi, Harry." I said when I opened the door and saw it was him. 

"Hiya." He said and passed me a box, I opened it and saw there was an iPhone 5 inside. 

"What the ...?" I began but Harry interrupted me. 

"It's so work can call you and so I can contact you. I bought it for you to say congratulations on getting a job." Harry said with a smile. I smiled back at him. 


"It's all charged up and I have put my number in it, and yours so you can give it to your friends." Harry explained. 

"You really shouldn't have, thanks anyway." I said and gave him a hug. Wow, my first phone. 

Harry then walked me to work and when we got to Starbucks he gave me a hug and wished me luck for my first day. 

"Hello, you must be Harriet." Someone said cheerfully and I turned to see a girl, about five years older than me, walk up to me. She wore light make-up and she had light blue eyes and dark brown hair tied up into a bun.

"Hi. That's me." I replied with a small smile, trying my best to make a good impression of myself. 

"Follow me and  I will give you your work clothes and there are changing rooms and a locker so you can put your stuff in there. My name is Anne." She instructed and I followed her obediently. I got changed into my work clothes and put my other clothes and my bag into my locker. I turned the key and slipped the bracelet the key was attached to on my wrist. 

Anne then told me what to do and how to make different coffees and hot chocolates. She then showed me how to work the till. Before I knew it I was serving customers. I saw Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam walk in after three hours of working. They all sat down on a table near where I was and Niall walked up to order some coffees. 

"I really don't see why Harry was being so protective over her last night, letting her lie and bending the rules for her." Liam moaned. I had my back turned as I was making a coffee for another customer. "She isn't that pretty either, she doesn't even have a mobile, she must be poor. Probably on benefits or something, or her Mum's an alcoholic or takes drugs." 

"Maybe he has a crush on her." Zayn suggested. 

"Nu-uh, I doubt it. He has a better taste in girls than that. He's probably being friendly so he can get her into bed. I mean, she's his new neighbour, why not take advantage of that." Liam replied bitterly. I felt like I had been stabbed, did the really think I wasn't pretty? I know I don't wear make-up, I have never been allowed. "Also, have you seen those bruises on her arms? She must self harm." 

"I think you should really stop slagging her off, you barely know her." Louis cut in. I passed the customer her coffee and she walked out. Then Niall walked up to the counter as it was his turn. 

"How can I help you?" I asked politely. Trying not to show that I heard the boys' conversation they had been having. 

"You work here?" Niall said in shock and I nodded. "Could we have four hot chocolates please." Niall passed me the money and I went to make it for him. I passed him the drinks and he went and sat down. 

"Guys? You do realise that Hattie can hear our conversation right now. She's works here!" Niall hissed at them. 

"No way!" Louis said with a chuckle. "You're busted, Liam!" 

"Anyway, who cares. She's probably just using Harry for fame like he's probably using her to sleep with her." Liam replied without caring. 

"I doubt that! Harry said she has never seen the X-Factor and that she didn't recognise him straight away and thought he was a look-a-like." Niall replied. At that moment my shift was over so I went into the back to get changed and grab my stuff. I walked out of Starbucks and had the boys stare at me with shock as Niall wasn't lying. I then waved to them. 

I walked home and went straight to Harry's house to tell them what they had said, but as I got to the drive I decided to let it slide, no one likes a grass. I walked up my drive and unlocked the front door, Mum was at work, and then made scrambled egg on toast. After I washed the dishes up, everything Liam had said hit me and I burst into tears. So girls are only pretty if they wear make-up? Girls can't be poor? I was starting to hate One Direction, all because of Liam. He's such an ass! The doorbell rang and I went to answer it, wiping my tears away. I opened the door to see Harry standing there. 

"How was your first day of work?" He asked then saw I had been crying "Are you okay?!" 

"It was great." I mumbled weakly. I should tell on Liam now, but I didn't want to. "Well, not exactly, your 'friends' walked into Starbucks and started slagging me off, it was mainly Liam." Harry looked at me with shock. 

"What did Liam say?" He asked quickly. 

"He said I wasn't pretty, said you had a better taste in girls than me, said I probably self harm, said my Mum was an alcoholic or a drugee and said I was using you for fame like you were probably using me for sex." I informed him. He looked at me in shock.

"No, no way. Liam isn't like that! He's not like that at all! If you're trying to turn me against my friend then you can get out of my life. I'm sorry." Harry yelled at me then turned to walk away. 

"Harry!" I called out to him. "I'm not lying!" He was long gone. I turned around and shut the door. How can he not believe me? I felt like I had lost my only friend here. I was alone. My other friends didn't have time to talk to me now I have moved. I don't wanna live anymore. No one likes me, no one ever has. People just feel sorry for me. No one wants me around. No one believes me. I turned and walked to the bathroom and picked up the bottle of toilet bleach and downed it. The bleach burnt my mouth and throat as I drank it. 

Then everything went black. 

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