New Life

I moved to Holmes Chapel with my mum, it was a big difference from Cornwall. It was a fresh start, new house, new life.
When Hattie moves away from her old life, leaving her friends and her abusive dad behind. Her new neighbour just happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction.


1. Chapter 1

I took a quick glance in the mirror after I brushed my teeth. My red hair fell past my shoulders. I haven't had it cut since last February. It's May now, it's sunny here in Holmes Chapel. Back home, in Cornwall, it has been raining. I'm know for sure I'm going to miss it back home, I'm going to miss my friends and my house. It's my Dad's fault we moved, if it wasn't for him drinking then me and Mum wouldn't have had no choice but to move away from everyone we knew.

Dad was abusive, he would drink every night, and of course get drunk. He would then call my Mum a slag and a waste of space, then he would start on me. Telling me I'm useless because I don't have a job (I'm nineteen and there aren't many jobs around, especially ones that employ nineteen year olds). Then he would hit us. Occasionally I would be able to escape Dad, but that was rare. I was never allowed out, another reason I didn't have a job. 

As you can guess, my Mum had had enough and borrowed money off of my grandparents to move here and start fresh. She managed to find a job quickly before we moved too. 

"Hattie!" I heard Mum call up the stairs. 

"Yeah?" I call back. 

"Can you come down here, please?" Mum asks. I then walk downstairs to the kitchen where she was washing up. "I need you to go next door, the house with the blue door, and tell them I said thanks for the cookies." I gave her a quick nod and slipped on my shoes. 

I opened the front door and walked outside, I walked down our small drive and up next door's drive. 

"The house with the blue door." I whisper to myself. I walked up to the door and pressed the doorbell. A boy, roughly my age, opened the door. His hair was curly and stuck up in places. It looked as if he had just climbed out of bed. He looked a lot like Harry Styles from that band ... What was their name? One Direction I think. 

"Hi." He grumbled unhappily. 

"Hi, my Mum wanted to say thanks for the cookies." I told him and he nodded.

He stuck out his hand for me to shake it and I shook it as he said "It's no problem, I made them myself. My name is Harry." 

"My name is Harriet, call me Hattie though. I know you probably get this a lot, but you look a lot like Harry Styles from One Direction, it must suck to have the same name as him." I replied. 

"I am Harry Styles . . ." He murmured, his cheeks turning red. I blushed and looked down. I let out a small giggle. 

"Sorry, I don't watch the X-Factor, I just saw posters on my friend's walls." I explained. He nodded. 

"It's fine." He replied. 

"I better get back, before my Mum worries about me." I said and started backing away from his house. 

"Can I have your number?" He asked quickly as if he was scared I was going to run away and never return again.

"I don't have a mobile." I mumbled embarrassed. That's right, I don't have a mobile. Dad was set on that they damage brains, he also didn't want me to run up huge bills because I was talking to boys all night.  "I would give you our home phone number but we haven't got it set up yet, when I get the number I will give it to you." 

"Does your Mum have a mobile?" He asked and I shook my head. 

"I know it's kind of stupid." I mumbled. 

"It's not stupid. It was nice meeting you, though." He replied with a small smile. I smiled back. 

"It was nice meeting you too. I have Facebook if you want to add me. It's Harriet Trebilco." I replied. Dad bought me a laptop when I turned 13, I found Dad's Facebook account and blocked him so he could never find me. It's the only way I could talk to my friends. 

"Cool, I'll add you." He replied. I waved goodbye and walked back home.

I opened the front door and kicked my shoes off. 

"You were a long time." Mum said as she walked into the hallway. 

"I got chatting to Harry, he made the cookies himself." I informed her, she nodded. 

"Hm, well at least you're making some new friends." She mumbled and walked into the lounge again. I ran up the stairs to my room and switched on my laptop. 

I logged into Facebook and accepted Harry's friend request. Straight after I accepted his friend request he sent me a message. 

Harry: Hi 

Me: Hello 

Harry: Are u OK? 

Me: Yeah, u? 

Harry: Yeah, just got the boys coming round soon. They're staying for the weekend.  Wanna come over too? We're gonna be watching films. 

Me: Sure, I'll ask 

I ran downstairs and walked into the lounge. "Mum? Can I go over to Harry's, I don't know when, but he's his friends coming round. We will be watching films." I asked her, crossing my fingers and praying she will let me. 

"I don't know, well, I don't know his parents well and we just moved here." Mum began. 

"Please!" I begged her. 

"OK, fine. Can you find out when you're going though, so I know when to do dinner." She told me. I nodded. 

"Sure, but don't bother about dinner, I can eat something when I get back." I said and turned to run back to my room. 

Me: I'm allowed :D 

Harry: Great, you can come round now. You can help choose the snacks if you want. 

Me: Sure, I will be round in a minute. 

I then logged out of Facebook and ran downstairs. I took a quick glance at the clock to see that it was two in the afternoon, I had skipped breakfast and lunch. I get up later now, I don't have Dad waking me up and six in the morning. Plus I have so much sleep to catch up on too. 

"I'm leaving now." I told Mum and she nodded. 

"Have fun and be careful. Don't accept any drugs, don't drink alcohol and don't smoke." Mum warned me. 

"OK." I replied and slipped on my shoes. I ran out of the house and down our small drive. I walked up to Harry's house and rang the door bell. It didn't take long for Harry to answer it. 

His face lit up when he saw me and he smiled. "Come in." And I followed him inside. I kicked my shoes off and followed him into the kitchen. His house was beautiful. It was the same layout as mine but looked much nicer. It also smelled like raspberries. 

The kitchen was beautiful, just like the rest of the house. Harry had set out a few bowls and was filling them with various crisps, popcorn and the usual party food. I helped Harry pour everything into bowls and carry them into the lounge and onto the coffee table in front of their huge flat screen TV. I then helped Harry get the drinks out of the fridge and into the lounge with cups. 

"So, why did you move to Holmes Chapel?" Harry asked curiously as we went through the DVD's. 

"Um, personal reasons." I murmured, I couldn't lie. 

"I can keep secrets." Harry replied, obviously wanting to know. 

"My Dad was abusive, he would say horrible things to my Mum and me, he would sometimes hit us. The reason why I don't have a mobile is because my Dad never let me or my Mum have one. He also wouldn't let us watch TV, that's why I didn't know who you were, I only recognised you because whenever I managed to sneak around to my friend's house I would see posters of One Direction on her wall." I explained. "I had to put up eight years of this then my Mum finally had enough and moved." 

"Oh. I'm sorry." He apologised, his green eyes full of sadness. 

"You don't need to be sorry." I replied. He then smiled at me. 

"If you ever need to talk I'm here." He informed me, I nodded. Then the doorbell rang and Harry got up to answer it. I got up and followed him. Two people were at the door when Harry answered, there was a boy roughly my age with a shaved head and a boy with the bright blue eyes and brown hair. 

"Hazza!" They both cheered together and walked inside. 

"Hi, Liam, hi, Louis." Harry replied, laughing quietly. 

"Who's this?" The one with brown hair asked. 

"This is Hattie, my new neighbour." Harry explained, both of the boys gave me a smile. 

"Hi, I'm Louis." The boy with brown hair said, still smiling at me. 

"Hi, I'm Liam." The boy with a shaved head said, smiling at me like Louis. 

"Hi." I mumbled shyly. 

We all then walked into the lounge and Harry got everyone drinks, he asked me what I wanted and I replied with coke. Then when Harry passed me my drink and the doorbell rang again and Harry went to answer it. There was a lot of laughing and talking. Then following Harry into the lounge was Niall, I knew who he was because my friend made sure I never forgot, and a boy with dark brown hair and a lot of tattoos. 

"Hi, I'm Niall." Niall said to me, Harry must have already told them my name and that I was his neighbour. 

"Hi, I'm Zayn." The boy with dark brown hair said. 

I smiled politely at them. "Hi, it's nice to meet you, all." I replied. I sipped my coke. Harry got Niall and Zayn a drink then came back and showed everyone the choice of films that me and Harry had picked out from Harry''s collection of DVD's. Everyone chose 'The Hunger Games', except me of course (I didn't chose a film). I had never seen it thanks to my Dad. But I knew it was a good film because my friends went to see it. 

The bowls of food were passed around during the film. I sat next to Harry and Louis. I was surprised that the boys were quiet during the film, I kind of expected them to laugh. I was the only one who jumped, nearly choking on the popcorn I had just shoved into my mouth, when the giant dogs jumped out. After the film we all decided to order a pizza and play truth or dare, mainly because all the boys wanted to get to know me since I was Harry's new neighbour. 

While we waited for the pizza arrived we all sat in a circle, still surrounded by food, and played truth or dare. Harry even had an empty beer bottle we could use. He span it and it landed on Louis, he then span it again and it landed on me. 

"Truth or dare?" Louis asked me. 

"Truth." I replied, I hate dares, plus because they're most likely very immature I will probably end up stripping and running around naked or something similar. 

"Where did you used to live?" Louis asked. 

"Cornwall." I replied, giving Louis a little smile. Harry then span the bottle and it landed on Zayn, then he span it again and it landed on Niall. 

"Truth or dare?" Zayn asked Niall. 

"Dare." Niall replied, his eyes bright with excitement. 

"I dare you to take your top off and run around the lounge." Zayn dared, okay, not as bad as I thought the dare would be. Niall then took his t-shirt off and ran around the room, he sat back down in the circle and pulled his t-shirt back on. 

Harry span the bottle again and it landed on Liam, then he span it again and it landed on me. Me? Again? Wow, today is not my day. 

"Truth or dare? Or does she have to have dare since she took truth last time?" Liam asked Harry. 

"I think we can let her pick truth if she wants." Harry replied, giving me a quick wink. 

"So, truth or dare?" Liam asked me again. 

"Truth." I replied, I wasn't up for dares just yet. 

"Why did you move?" Liam asked casually. It seemed to have been the first question that popped into his head. I sat there frozen. I couldn't lie, but I didn't want to say either. I looked at Harry then back at Liam. 

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