My name is Amber but I'm not her. I look like Amber but I'm not her. I am Amber but I'm not her.


14. (Secretive) Amber




Emily was ill today so I did everything with my old friends Jean, Ella and Ruby. I'm not as close to them as I was before the whole debate about if gay marriage should be allowed.  Jean is totally against gays. She thinks they're disgusting and all that , she isn't as bad as she sounds. She just has strong views. Jean has always been the leader of the group and the first thing I get when I come and sit with them is " Where have you been?" spat at me.

Nice friends huh? 

Ella is extremely racist and the words that come from her mouth are " Why did you ditch us for that thing?" emphasis on thing. Ok so everything I'm saying makes them sound like complete bitches and they are pretty much but Ruby isn't. 

She never says a word. Just keeps quiet the whole time. Ruby's probably the smartest out of all of us, and the kindest. She's also the most frightened. Timid. She greeted me with a nod and a smile when I returned. I'm glad she's in our group. Doesn't make it seem so bad. More tolerable. I feel sorry for leaving her and said so whilst ignoring the other two. We basically spent the whole day together, paying no at tension to the others. 

None of them know my secret and I'm not sure if they ever will.


(Secretive) Amber x

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