My name is Amber but I'm not her. I look like Amber but I'm not her. I am Amber but I'm not her.


13. (happy) Amber



Me and Emily are joint at the hips. We are always partners in class, we always eat lunch together, we even do homework together.

Her mum is really nice. She is ok with gay people and always willing to help.

I have opened up to Emily, sort of. She knows that I hate my parents but not why. I think it might freak her out too much. She also knows some less personal stuff like my favourite animal and my birthday (hers is August first) but I'm still not ready to fully open up. 


She confessed something to me too: she is gay.

I couldn't believe it. I didn't tell her that I love her. I didn't tell her I'm gay. Not yet. We need to spend more time together. Get closer. Things are looking up though.



(happy) Amber

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