My name is Amber but I'm not her. I look like Amber but I'm not her. I am Amber but I'm not her.


2. (fake) Amber



Amber was beautiful. She was kind and clever and popular. She was not me. She died a month before I was born. She died of Cancer. I won't. 

Mother wants me to be Amber. She wants Amber back. Mother wants Amber Rose Sparrow, not me. I am a fake Amber and she is the fake mother nursing her dead child. 

I decided that I didn't like Amber when I worked out what was happening. I think she hates me too. For being her. Outliving her. I would love her I'm sure if she was alive and I didn't have to be her. If I could be me. Then I would like her. Then I would like my sister.


(fake) Amber

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