Confused Love

Niall Horan and Ashley Wood have loved each other forever, but neither knows the others love and they wont tell each other in fear they'll ruin their friendship. What happens when Niall trys to make Ashley see him as more than a friend...


1. We're supposed to be bezzi's

Ashley's POV

I love his laugh,

his smile,

the way his eyes light up when he's happy,

his cute Irish accent,

his love for food,

his hair,

the way he plays the guitar...


Oh my god, I need to stop thinking about him that way, we're supposed to be bezzi's, so why do I keep picturing us making out?!!!

I just hate it when I see him happy with another girl 'cause I'm in love with him.


I want Niall Horan all to myself.


''Hey, you ok?'' I heard a voice interrupting my trail of thought.

''yeah'' I answer dazed from hours of sitting and staring, looking up I see a mop of curly hair smiling down at me and holding a hand out to pull me out of the beanbag.

''Want some lunch or are you just going to sit there staring at the TV?'' he laughed walking into the crowded kitchen.

''Have you left me anything?'' I question looking around the table at three faces with mouths overflowing with food and one complaining that he'd finished and was still hungry.



A/N Sorry about the short, rubbish chapter when you had to wait so long. I was reading all of your amazing movellas to get some ideas. I will update later today if possible. Thank you for all the support Batwings. I love you all xxx XD

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