Confused Love

Niall Horan and Ashley Wood have loved each other forever, but neither knows the others love and they wont tell each other in fear they'll ruin their friendship. What happens when Niall trys to make Ashley see him as more than a friend...


4. The first girl

Ashley's POV

I walked into the lounge to the boys watching endless episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants as I had nothing better to do I sat down in-between Louis and Harry as Niall was out. Watching the 15th episode I heard a giggling at the front door and Niall came in with another girl. In the hall I saw them do a long tongue in kiss. I felt like my heart had just shattered into thousands of pieces. I quickly got up and ran to my room shutting the door in time to brake down crying on my bed. Amidst  my sobbing I heard a quiet knock on the door then Louis walked in. he was like a brother to me I should have guessed he'd come to comfort me. He didn't have to ask why I was crying because he was the only one who knew about the fact I loved Niall. He told the boys that I ran out of the room because I was annoyed with him.


Louis POV

As soon as I saw Niall I cursed him for his stupidity told the boys that she was annoyed at him for being an arse and ran after her. I quietly knocked on her door then walked in. I sat down hugging her as she cried into my sweater. When she had finished sobbing she went to have a quick shower while ran down stairs to put my soaked sweater in the washing machine. As I was putting it in the washing machine I heard a small noise behind me.

''Ehem.'' Harry coughed as I slowly turned around. ''Why is your sweater soaked may I ask?'' he inquired.

''Well...I...urm...fell into the bath.'' I stuttered quickly.

''So you fell in the bath, remained perfectly dry, apart from your sweater.'' he sarcastically joked.

''Well...Ok I'll tell you but you can't tell anyone, even the boys, Ashley has kinda loved Niall since forever and seeing him kiss that other girl kinda broke her. The boys can't know 'cause she don't want them to for some reason, Ok?'' I quickly explained to him and he nodded understandingly then walked out the room. I ran upstairs and told Ashley through the bathroom door that Harry had found out.

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