Confused Love

Niall Horan and Ashley Wood have loved each other forever, but neither knows the others love and they wont tell each other in fear they'll ruin their friendship. What happens when Niall trys to make Ashley see him as more than a friend...


5. Harry

Harry's POV

Ok... well that was weird, I've learnt soooo much about Ashey (my nickname for her) in such a short period of time. Being the flirt of the group I understand completely why she don't want the guys to know, also why she don't want Niall to know. I bet Zayn will find out somehow he's always snooping through all our live so why won't he snoop through her's? My biggest problem is that I have a huge crush on her and I don't want Niall having her heart. I must make her love me.


Liam's POV

This is kinda awkward sitting in the lounge together. I mean, Ashley, Louis, Harry AND Niall are acting weird, I can understand it for Niall but why the others? I can kinda understand it for Ashley as she's annoyed at Niall, and Louis is like a brother to her so he's kinda protective over her, but Harry? That's...odd. Anyway as I said, for once watching toy story didn't improve the mood and didn't improve MY mood either!!! So I decided to come up with another idea...


''LETS GO CLUBBING!'' I suddenly shouted. As everyone's heads snapped in One Direction (sorry had to do that!).

''Ok, lets do it!'' Ashley exclaimed jumping out of her seat and round us up by clapping ''Go get ready boys then.''. So off we ran upstairs.


Ashley's POV

I ran off upstairs to get ready and quickly shower. after my shower I looked through my clothes trying to find something.

''Decisions, decisions.'' I muttered out while picking my outfit.

 I found a black crop top that showed off my flat stomach perfectly, then I grabbed my favourite skinny jeans, also black, and squeezed into them. I put some black mascara on and some eyeliner with wings. Finally I put some lipgloss on to give my lips a bit if a shine. Grabbing a small black clutch handbag I put some mints in and my lipgloss, my phone was also chucked on as I went downstairs to find my shoes. I was just putting my black wedges on when Harry came downstairs. A painful expression crossed his face before it was wiped off and replaced by his usual cheeky self. The rest of the boys came downstairs and I jumped on Louis' back.

"Cawwy mwe pweeze" I said in baby voice making him laugh.

A knock rapped sharply through the air as Niall rushed to the door. Upon opening I saw the girl that was here earlier before she was hidden by Niall's body kissing her. I ran out to Louis' car and sat shotgun.

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