Confused Love

Niall Horan and Ashley Wood have loved each other forever, but neither knows the others love and they wont tell each other in fear they'll ruin their friendship. What happens when Niall trys to make Ashley see him as more than a friend...


6. Clubbing

Ashley's POV

We arrived at the club and were escorted into the VIP section straight away. We were some of the only real VIP visitors 'cause most of the people sneaked in the back exit OR bribed the security. Liam went to sit at a table 'cause he doesn't drink and the rest of us walked over to the bar and got drinks. I noticed that Niall only got a tiny bit before walking over to Liam, with his girl, and sitting down. I on the other hand got really drunk downing 2 ''sex on the beach''s before getting up and dancing. This random drunk guy came up behind me and started feeling up my arse, me being really drunk, spun around and kissed him on the lips. After a few seconds I pushed my tongue into his mouth, while he was proper feeling me up. Then Zayn pulled me off him and dragged me out then put me in the car between Louis and Harry. When we got home I was knocked so Louis carried me to my room.


Niall's POV

I only got a small drink before going and sitting down next to Liam and creating a boring small talk, occasionally stopping to smile round at Clara, or was it Sarah? Half way through listening to Liam's lecture on how scary spoons were I saw this guy feel up Ashley I was about to get up and punch him when I saw Ashley spin round and proper kiss him. I ran out of the room and sat in the passenger seat, while Zayn got Ashley and the rest of us squeezed in. Liam drove home and as soon as we got there I ran inside after Liam unlocked the door. I then charged upstairs and threw myself down on my bed sobbing. When your drunk your usually really confident so you speak what your feeling she SHOULD have said she loved me, well she DID seem to be avoiding me so maybe she had some sense.

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