Meeting One Direction


2. Not Like You

Casey and I hadn't spoken for a week. It was really lonely without her. I knew if I didn't try to make up with her we would never talk again! It was one day when i went to the bathroom, I heard someone crying in the cubical. I hung about until they came out, turns out it was Casey.

"What's wrong?" Even though we weren't on speaking terms anymore, I still cared for Casey like she was my sister.

"Th-those gi-gi-gi..." 

She burst in to tears. I got a wad of loo roll and mopped her up. When she was able to talk she said,

"I don't deserve you Amy!"

I sat her up and said firmly, "What's wrong?"

"Those girls I was talking about, they ditched me for this other girl, Maria!"

Maria was this really snobby rich girl who knew who was stupid enough to go along with her then ditch them at the last minute. I really hated her.

Yeah well you ditched me for them! I didn't say that though I'm to kind.

"Something fell out of Ava's pocket. Something orange with bold black writing on it.

"What's this?"

She gasped, "You weren't meant to see that!

"What is it?!"

"When those girls were gloating about they're new "friend" Maria and waving their concert tickets in my face. Liz dropped her's. At that point Maria had brought out her brand new iphone and was showing them some stupid picture of something. One of them kicked the ticket closer to me, I bent down and picked it up, just to look at it. I got carried away and soon I was running out of sight. I felt so bad that night, I could hardly sleep!"

She sighed like it was good to get it all out. I couldn't believe it, that wasn't something Ava would do! Ava had seemed to get really, well, defiant. She always used to be a really good student! That week she had cut class to hang out with her so called friends. I knew there must have been something else wrong because that just wasn't Ava!



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