Mystery girl...

Rhona is a mysterious girl. She dances and always has done. From the exams, to competitions, to the nationwide championships, to having her own dance school. Dance is her passion! Right now Rhona lives by herself, like many 20 year olds, and works as a dance choreographer in London. The students at her dance school perform with celebrities so the standard is extremly high! What happens when Rhona is asked to chorograph a routine for one of the biggest boybands ever? Will she get it finished in time with all the distractions? read to find out...


3. Zayn...Zayn Malik

There they were! Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn... Oh Zayn! Truth is I'm not a directioner but Zayn Malik is HOT!! All five of them are good looking but he's just... Perfect. I must have been daydreaming a bit too long because they had already made themselves comfortable, on the floor, sat down, talking. ''Oi!!'' I shouted. Their heads shot up and my pupils just laughed. ''What are you doing?'' I asked them. ''Er, well we were in the middle of a conversation whilst we wait for your dance teacher to arrive but obviously someone doesn't want us to!'' Said Louis. ''I AM YOUR DANCE TEACHER!!!'' I yelled. His smirk was replaced with guilt. ''B-but your...'' He started. ''Im what Louis?'' I asked,wanting to know what he thinks of me. ''Your young... I was expecting someone about 25! You look about 18!!!'' I smiled, ''really? Haha, Louis I'm 20 thanks for the compliment though.'' I then turned on my heels to turn the music on. These boys obviously need to get into a better condition. ''Up!'' I told them. ''Girls you might have to come back later, this is going to take ages... Be back for 1?'' There was a chorus of 'yeah' 'ok' and nods before they left. ''Right then, I'll start with a warm up then we'll do flexibility and then I'll teach you the dance!'' I said excitedly. ''Okay, so first of all you guys are coming from underneath the stage so the dancer will already be on stage.'' I positioned them in a line about a metre apart. ''Harry, you will be inbetween Mia and Emily.'' I pointed to where they would be and he smiled, showing off his beautiful dimples. Stop it Rhona! I quickly moved onto Niall. ''Olivia will be there and Ella there.'' I explained, pointing to the girls positions. ''Liam, you'll have Hannah and Leah.'' I took a step to the right so I faced Louis. ''You'll have Georgia and Amy.'' I took a deep breath before walking towards the beautiful Zayn. ''Er, Z-zayn you will errm have Sophie and dani...'' I stuttered. He smiled in return. I stepped back so I could see them all. They were all laughing apart from Zayn. ''What?'' I frowned. ''You like Zayn, don't you?'' My eyes widened and my cheeks burned. ''N-no!'' I tried protesting but stuttered, again. Zayn chuckled but I'm sure he blushed a little too. ''Anyway, erm... I'll speak to you individually because at the start you will all be doing different things. ''I think you should start at that side of the line.'' Harry smirked as he pointed to the right, where Zayn stood. I shook my head a laughed, ''fine!'' I walked over to Zayn as the other took a seat and pulled their phones out. ''Your name's Rhona right?'' H questioned me out of the blue. ''Yeah.'' He nodded and smiled so I just smiled back. ''Sophie will be on your left and daniella on your right.'' Again he just nodded. 

Zayn's POV:she was telling me where daniella and Sophie were or something like that but I couldn't answer, her beauty blew me away. Her long, perfectly straight blonde hair teacher the bottom of the back. Even in her navy jack wills trackies and her pink vest top she still looked amazing! Her eyes though... Oh they were truly gorgeous! I'd say they were illuminous but obviously they weren't butnearly! I don't know if they were light blue or what but to me they looked like ice. She was very pale and I'm guessing she hates it, my ex Perrie hated being so pale that she just burned in the sun but I think being pale is a natural beauty! I was snapped out of my thoughts by her angelic voice calling my name. 'Zayn!!'' She hissed. ''Uh, yeah what?'' I said. ''Did you get any of that?'' Oops I can't give it away! ''Er yeah'' I beamed. She starred right into my eyes, almost like she knew I was lying but was trying to get it out of me... Like in the old haribo advert where the little girl goes ''look into my eyes!'' And they man confessed. She soon smile though and said ''good, I'll move onto Louis then!'' 


Rhona's POV:

I was so cruel to him then. Oh well! It was his fault for lying. I showed him three steps but as I watched his reflection in the mirror, he never tried copying me or asking anything. No, he jut watched me instead but I think he was day dreaming, god knows what about!! Louis was funny, at first he didn't have a clue and he didn't seem interested at all but he eventually got it. Liam was really enthusiastic and even though he didn't understand it  he was kind and never complained. Oh god! Niall oh Niall what a div!! He was all over the place aha. He really needed some extra help so I told him to keep practising whilst I taught Harry and he did. Harry watched me a few times and them copied me. He didnt even need me to tell him, he picked it up really fast.

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