Mystery girl...

Rhona is a mysterious girl. She dances and always has done. From the exams, to competitions, to the nationwide championships, to having her own dance school. Dance is her passion! Right now Rhona lives by herself, like many 20 year olds, and works as a dance choreographer in London. The students at her dance school perform with celebrities so the standard is extremly high! What happens when Rhona is asked to chorograph a routine for one of the biggest boybands ever? Will she get it finished in time with all the distractions? read to find out...


5. This is a date?!

Rhona's POV:

i was just finishing off with Georgia's contempry solo when there was a know I at the studio door. ''Ill be right back,go through your routine so far.'' I told Georgia. I opened the door to find Zayn standing there with a massive smile plastered on his face. ''What are you doing here!!??'' I exclaimed. To be honest I was just embarrassed because my hair was a mess, I had old joggers and a crop too on and I was sweaty!! ''I'm sorry but I couldn't wait until later, I wanted our date to start now.'' He replied. ''Date!!??'' I almost shouted. ''Erm, did I say date? No I didn't mean that I meant to say, errmm... Well you know I meant...'' I cut him off by laughing. ''Oh Zayn, it's fine!'' He nodded and smiled. ''I need to finish with Georgia but you can stay if you want?'' I questioned him. ''Yeah ok.'' He answered. I walked back over to Georgia whilst Zayn sat down at the side. ''Zayn could you press play please?'' I kindly asked. He nodded and did as I asked. The song 'broken strings' started playing as me and Georgia started to dance. I stopped after a while to watch Georgia. She had added a walkover into her routine which I was pleased with. As she finished the dance so far I carried on, showin her what I had just made up. ''I will go over the end bit next lesson Georgia, you did well today!'' ''Thanks.'' She replied as she picked up her jacket and water bottle. ''Cya Rhona!'' She said cheerfully. ''Byeee!!'' I replied. ''Your amazing.'' Zayn said once Georgia had left. ''What?'' I said confused. ''I mean like, how you do this almost everyday. When you dance you look like your in your own little world, it's magical.'' He whispered the last part. I blushed a little and smiled cheekily. ''Awh, Zayn that's beautiful.'' I said. He chuckled quietly as he stepped Closer to me. I realised he was going to give me a hug but I quickly stepped away. ''Whats wrong?'' He asked frownig. ''I-erm... Imsweaty.'' I said really quickly. ''Your what?'' He asked smirking, taking another step closer. I walked as far as possible until my back hit the wall. ''Im sweaty!!'' I said loudly. He laughed. ''I don't care babe.'' My heart stopped. He just called me babe. Zayn Malik just called me babe!! AARRGGHHH!!!!!!!! ''Come on!'' He said, grabbing my hand. ''What, why?'' I replied removing my hand from his. ''I want to take you out somewhere special.'' He said. ''Just let me get my things and we can go.'' He nodded in reply. 



Sorry it's a short chapter:)  I'll post more tomorrow x

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