Mystery girl...

Rhona is a mysterious girl. She dances and always has done. From the exams, to competitions, to the nationwide championships, to having her own dance school. Dance is her passion! Right now Rhona lives by herself, like many 20 year olds, and works as a dance choreographer in London. The students at her dance school perform with celebrities so the standard is extremly high! What happens when Rhona is asked to chorograph a routine for one of the biggest boybands ever? Will she get it finished in time with all the distractions? read to find out...


4. Short chapter

Zayn's POV:

it's been a whole week since I've seen Rhona:( Luckily Paul gave me her number however I still haven't spoken to her, I don't know what to say? I opened her contact on my iPhone 5. My thumb somehow found its way to the 'call' button and before I knew it I heard her voice. ''Hello?'' She asked. ''Hi, it's Zayn!'' I said, maybe a little too excitedly. ''Oh hey Zayn!'' She replied happily. ''Er... I-I was m-m-maybe...'' I really didnt know what to say! She laughed down the phone sending shivers down my spine. ''I was wondering...would you like to come over to mine?'' WHAT!! I have no idea where that came from. ''When and why?'' I could tell she was smiling. ''Erm, how about tomorrow?'' I questioned. ''Yep! It will have to be at around 12 though because I've got a lesson in the morning.'' She answered. ''Okay great, see ya tomorrow then Rhona.'' I smiled. ''Yeah, see ya Zayn.'' Then she hung up. Wow! She's coming to my house tomorrow!! After glancing at the time I decided to go to sleep, tomorrow's a big day. 


Rhona's POV:

YES YES YES YES YES!!! I'm going to Zayn's! Aarrrrgghhh! What am I going to wear? I suppose I'm going to have to take a change of clothes with me tomorrow and just get changed at the studios once I've done with Georgia's solo. But what? I dashed over to my wardrobe, frantically searching through my clothes. After half an hour I found an outfit. My purple jack wills t-shirt and my favourite jeans. Shoe though!? I opened my wardrobe, again but searched the bottom of it this time. It didnt take as long to find shoes but I ended up picking my vans. They were black with pink, purple an blue flowers on. I checked the time '10:15' it said in red numbers. I didn't have anything else to do so I just went to sleep. 

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