Mystery girl...

Rhona is a mysterious girl. She dances and always has done. From the exams, to competitions, to the nationwide championships, to having her own dance school. Dance is her passion! Right now Rhona lives by herself, like many 20 year olds, and works as a dance choreographer in London. The students at her dance school perform with celebrities so the standard is extremly high! What happens when Rhona is asked to chorograph a routine for one of the biggest boybands ever? Will she get it finished in time with all the distractions? read to find out...


2. A/N

i thought i would start another fanfiction! im thinking about writing this one, as well as 'kiss you' with the help of emily:), and then finishing one direction infection?Because i have some really good ideas for this one!!! hope you like it so far ~ abbi xxxx

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