This is my first fanfic! It's only short, but I hope you like it. Louis Tomlinson is devastated when his girlfriend dies. I'm horrible at writing descriptions, so I guess you'll have to read it to find out! Ha ha. Not funny. *rolls eyes* I should not be allowed in public. Enjoy! xx


1. Moments

Louis rolled over onto his left side, facing his small square bedside table. He didn't want to wake up. He never did, not anymore. He could feel hot, angry tears streaming down his face. He didn't care, it was sort of a tradition whenever he thought about her. Which he did, all the time. It just wasn't fair that she had been taken from this world so early. He was the only one he had ever felt like this about, ever. And she was gone.

Louis burrowed down under his duvet further. He had to think about the happy times, not the sad. He had to get immersed in the past, it was the only way to stop the bad, bad thoughts. More importantly, he had to stay awake. If he fell asleep, the nightmares would come, so vivid he was sure they were real. Maybe a strong black coffee would help?

As he wandered down the familiar halls, he thought about all the good moments Charlie and I had had. 'There was that time I first met her.' He thought. 'That was amazing. I had seen her, across the room at Harry's 21st. Even though One Direction hadn't worked out, all the boys were still very close. Harry and I especially. Charlie had looked amazing. Her shoulder length golden hair was shimmering and silky. Her blue eyes that went turquoise in the direct sun were wide and outlined with gold. Her tender pink lips were turned up in a half smile as she laughed at her friend's juvenile antics. She was 18, young and innocent. She was wearing a shining blue halter neck crop top and a black pencil miniskirt. They showed off her curvy chest and flat stomach perfect. She looked so petite and vulnerable standing there, the shortest even with 3-inch stilettos. I danced with her all night, and at the end, we kissed. It was magical. Electrical. Better than any of my other girlfriends. That was when I knew he had fallen for Charlie McMichael.

We went to the zoo a couple days later, Charlie's choice. She loved the meerkats. It was the perfect first date. The conversation never ran dry. She was funny, witty and adorable. Afterwards we went back to mine for pizza and a movie marathon. She loved Grease, too. We didn't see much of the film though, if you know what I mean. Of course you do. I mean, I do. What the hell, I'm talking to myself. Oh hell.' Louis sighed, took his coffee into the lounge and turned on the television. His thoughts turned back to Charlie.
'We dated a lot after that, casually. For about a year. Then I asked if she wanted to get serious. We were at La Terazza for our 1-year anniversary. We had just eaten dessert, and I was really nervous. So I stood up and helped her up, and we paid and left. That was when I said to her, casual as crap, just like "so, um, Charlie. We've been dating for a while now. And I think you're amazing. I really love you. And I think it's time to move our relationship to the next step. It's just been casual, but do you maybe want to go steady?" She screamed. It was a yes scream, though. Not a no scream. That was the best, and the worst. Because after that we drove home. I let her drive, because.'
Louis jumped up from the sofa. He couldn't bear to think those awful words. That was the worst night of his life. The best, and the worst. It was the night Charlie died.

His therapist had told him it might be better if he wrote it all down. So he would try. He kicked up his laptop and stared at the word document in disgust. Louis Tomlinson was many things. But he was not scared of a computer. So that’s why his fingers flew over the keyboard. He needed to get this written down. ‘Charlie and I were driving home. I was in the passenger seat, she was driving. I had told her a stupid joke and she was laughing. I loved her laugh. It was tinkly and cute and high and lovely and amazing and just summed up her personality completely. She was looking at me, not the road. It was a quiet road though. We didn’t think a drunk driver going far too fast would come crashing round the corner straight towards us…’

Louis felt the tears welling up in his eyes as he wrote. It was still tender even after a year. But he had to get this out of his system.

‘It slammed into the front of the car. I felt the impact so strongly. But Charlie felt it more. Her body had been turned towards mine, but now her delicate frame was crushed as the other car smashed ours, and glass flew everywhere. The frame of the car was bent and mangled into a warped shape that didn’t even resemble anything I knew of. I was screaming, but from Charlie, silence. She was already dead.’ “NO!” screamed the young man, standing up from his crouched position beside his laptop. It was worse writing it, somehow made it real, true, not just a horrible nightmare he couldn’t wake up from. And that night, Louis Tomlinson took his own life, hoping to see his beloved Charlotte once more.


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