Justin vs. Justin

When I met teen pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER at a multiple personality disorder support group, I thought I could help, but he's in a constant fight, with himself

It's Justin vs. Justin


1. Intro

I never thought I’d meet teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, I never thought I’d be as close to him as I am, I never thought I could fight ATRT, Leukaemia and a multiple personality disorder


I didn’t want ANY help


I fought for 7 years on my own, it was when I needed support I met Justin. At a multiple personality disorder support group, I defeated it pretty quickly but they wanted me to stay so I could share my story and help others, little did I know Justin was in that support group, fighting HIS multiple personality disorder, he used to have 3 personalities, but he got rid of ‘Jason Deeps’, as the doctors nicknamed him, after his character on SNL. Jason was a massive flirt and came over whenever Justin was around girls.


He couldn’t conquer ‘Jason McCann’ though; he was more powerful than Justin himself. Jason did all the stuff that got Justin into serious shit, the swearing at paps, speeding, smoking, alcohol, drugs, partying, fighting; anything Justin did bad was because of Jason.


Justin didn’t enjoy one second of it but he was scared of Jason, scared of himself, scared of someone who didn’t even exist.


I thought I could help, distract him, taking him shopping, taking him to Lakers games and hockey matches. But wherever we went, Jason ALWAYS won. He ended up stealing, starting fights, smoking, breaking things and drinking.


Jason ALWAYS ended up on top


When I brought Justin to my hometown in Connecticut, I thought a change of scene and people might help, but he just got swarmed by Beliebers, haters, everyone. Which made Jason break out, punches went lying, people being trampled and seriously hurt, the cops ended up being called to arrest Justin for what Jason did.


He didn’t want anyone to know about his disorder, his mom and dad, Scooter, Fredo, Kenny, Alison, Dan, Ryan, Scrappy, Hoogs, NONE of them knew.


He knew how they’d react; he knew people would treat him differently.

He knew they’d be mad for not telling them anything for all these years.


They’d think he wasn’t Justin Bieber, the popstar

They’d think he was a monster


Something he NEVER wanted to be


Something he NEVER dreamed of being


A monster inside of him that he COULDN’T control, and he never could get rid of.


It was like a constant fight, with himself


A battle he couldn’t win


His body was at war with itself


It’s Justin vs. Justin

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