A young girl wakes up one morning in a place she has no recollection of. She has to get out and fast. But how?


2. Desire

"Mills!" Clara (Millie's older sister) called to her from downstairs. "You better hurry; Mum's made the three of us a bacon sandwich for breakfast as a special treat. You should get down her quick before it gets cold!"

Millie was upstairs getting ready for school. She tied her hair into a high ponytail and brushed her teeth. In a hurry, she rushed down the stairs, feeling the smell of bacon enter her nose.

As she got into the kitchen, she sat on an empty chair and began to squirt ketchup onto the bacon.

"Stop it." Clara groaned, snatching the bottle out of her hands. "Start a new bottle, the ketchup wouldn't make an awful sound then." Millie rolled her eyes and jumped down from her seat to get a different bottle from the cupboard.

"You're so annoying." Millie sighed as she began placed the ketchup onto the table.

"That's rich coming from you." Clara replied angrily, biting into her sandwich.

"Stop it now girls. I don't want arguing in the morning." Millie's Mum said as she placed a bowl of cereal on the table for Millie's brother.

"It was her fault." Millie murmured to herself.

"Now what did I say?" Her Mum snapped as she sat down to eat her breakfast.

Millie gave her sister one last angry look before putting the ketchup down to eat her sandwich.


As Millie was walking to school, she wrote in a journal she carried. She wrote the usual things. Yesterday was fine. She wrote about the lessons she had and about all the good things which had happened. It was to make herself feel happy and for her to be in a good mood for the day ahead. She also wrote about her desire. To climb the tallest mountain in the world; Everest. Everyday she would write the same thing in her diary about this, I have yet to achieve. She felt if she could get to the top of Everest then she could get to the bottom. She then thought she could build a house at the tip of the mountain and live there, away from all trouble and all cruelty. Millie knew that it would almost be impossible for her to do such a thing but she felt she could conquer her dreams, go beyond anything done before.

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