The balloon seller

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  • Published: 8 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 8 Apr 2013
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The balloon seller is a poem I wrote to the “Movellas English class competition”
Hope you’ll enjoy ;)

The balloon seller er et digt jeg skrev til "movelleas english class konkurrencen"
Jeg håber i vil synes om det :)


1. The balloon seller


The balloon seller with the deep brown eyes

Took my heart with him on a fly

We talked through the day, and talked through the night

We talked in the glow of the moonlight


I loved the balloon seller, with heart and soul

For the first in my life I felt whole

No need to think twice

I was been giving paradise


My balloon seller brought me peace

He took me with him to his secret place

We sat underneath the beautiful tree

My balloon seller, my fantasy


The balloon seller with the deep brown eyes

Once slipped the balloons and let them fly

And then I knew my dream passed by

It was time to say goodbye.

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