adventures of a ghost land

hope u enjoy :)


1. planning.....

Me:"yes sir for 4 lakh i will work till 11th of may"

Boss:all right fine 3 presentations to go take them

Me:alright i will finish them as soon i can go on a trip in a jungle how adventures and i will invite my two frndzz Emily and Adele

(Jennifer calls Emily)


Emily :Oh its Jennifer's phone lets see!


emily:hello, whats going on hows ur work going on

Me:my work is till 11th of may so on 15th of may we can leave for forest trip for 10 night agree tell Adele too

Emily:alright ill tell her im gonna come fixed

(Emily calls Adele)


Emily:pick up the phone

Adele:hello Emily whats happening"

Emily:Jennifer told me as she finishes her work we will go to the jungle trip for 10 night agree

Adele:of course!i will definitely come when is her work finishing 

Emily:on the 11th of may




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