adventures of a ghost land

hope u enjoy :)


2. atlast the day comes

me:the work is coming to a end tomorrow 

Boss:Sorry to tell u that there r not 3 presentation there are 4 presentation 


ME:How the hell im gonna tell this to them

"Emily enters saying"

Emily and Adele:happy bday my frnd"

Me:ooh i forgot my bday but its not the time to celebrate because i've got 4 presentation to complete instead of 3 we cant go tomorrow 

Adele: What! are u  kidding 


Emily:it's all right is the jungle gonna run?is it?

Me:thanks im sorry this time no change in it

Emily: but im too felling cranky i brought all the things it all right i can scarify

Adele:we will go on  the 16th of may ok

Emily: ok


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