Everything is all wrong. Josephine (Jo) Dorain was born and raised in a Slytherin family. Her parents hated Hogwarts, but finally agree to let her go her 6th year. But when she is sorted into Gryffindor, will her uncle tell her parents? And what of the handsome Slytherin blonde she starts falling for.. hard?


1. Gryffindor.

Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe the sorting hat got it wrong. I was a misfit, an outcast in Gryffindor. It was painfully obvious, too. I knew as soon as I took a seat at the table that I didn’t belong. Everyone was, for the most part, nice. I wasn’t like that at all. I was a bit rude, sarcastic, witty, and maybe a little selfish, not that I would admit that to anyone. I run in a family of Slytherins, so not only did I not fit in, I was a disappointment. My first day was hell, no one talked to me until that ginger at lunch. “Hello there!” He scoot over a seat so he was directly across from me. I gave him a small smile. “Hey.” I said, brushing him off. But he didn’t seem to get it. “I’m Ron. Ron Weasley.” He held a hand out, but I ignored it. I wasn’t really on for shaking hands. It just seemed too formal for me. Reminded me of all the lavish parties my parents used to throw, and I had to shake hands with all the guests. “Josephine. But don’t call me that. It’s Jo.” The food disappeared from the table and was replaced by desserts. Ron snatched a small pie right away, but I decided it would be best to skip dessert. I took a sip of pumpkin juice. “Okay, Jo!” He said, mouth full. A girl moved down next to him to talk to me. “Don’t mind him,” she smiled, “he never stops eating!” I returned the smile and nodded. “I’m Hermione.” She held out her hand, which I ignored. When she realized I wasn’t going to shake it, she put it down. “Jo. And I don’t shake hands.” I told her, not bothering to sound polite. She nodded slowly, as if trying to analyze if she could break me. Apparently she decided she could because she continued. “This is Harry.” She reached across the table and tugged on a boy’s robes. He turned and I immediately recognized him as Harry Potter, the “Chosen One”. He was all over the newspapers, and I imagined him to be quite full of himself. But I smiled and nodded anyway. I do a lot of nodding. “Jo.” I introduced myself. “Harry...” He stopped, realizing Hermione already told me his name. “I know who you are. Really, who doesn’t?” I joked. Ron chuckled a bit and continued eating. At least he didn’t take me for rude. A lot of people do. And a lot of the time I am. “You’re new, right?” Harry asked. “Yeah.” It wasn’t obvious? “So why start so late?” I winced. I was really hoping they wouldn’t ask me that. I thought of some vague ways to put it. “Um, well, let’s just say my parents did’t really like the idea of me going to Hogwarts until I was older.” I wasn’t really lying. My parents actually hated Hogwarts. They went there when they were young. In their opinion, Dumbledore was a daft old man who favored Gryffindor house over anything. Oh, the letter I was going to get once they found out I wasn’t Slytherin, too. Being the only child, all expectations were on me. Well, I’m actually not the only child. I have an older brother, Kael. But he was sent to Azkaban when I was seven. My parents never speak of him nor consider him their child. So anything he was supposed to do was tossed on me. Fun. “So, what class do you have next?” Hermione asked me, I guess seeing my parents were a delicate topic. I mentally thanked her for that one. “Potions, you?” I didn’t mention it was advanced potions since I was usually really good at it. “Charms.” Harry said, “Oh, and a tip, crush it, don’t cut it.” I had no idea what he was talking about so I looked to Hermione. “Charms.” She frowned. “Well, maybe you’ll meet someone new?” “Maybe.” I gave a short smile than stood up at the bell. Honestly I didn’t want to go to Potions, or any class, for that matter, but it was the first day. I wasn’t going to skive off class on the first day. I walked in a bit late, but Professor Slughorn was, fortunately, forgiving seeing it was my first day at this school. I grabbed a book and took a seat. “We’ll be making Draught of Living Dead. Follow the instructions in your books.” I headed to a caldron next to a dark-skinned Slytherin boy. I found the page and attempted to cut an ingredient. It bounced out of my grip. I frowned and grabbed it again, holding it firmly between my fingers. Then I remembered. Crush it, don’t cut it. I turned my knife sideways and smashed the Sophophorus bean. The Slytherin boy’s bean jumped over to my area and he gave me an apologetic look until he saw my robe seal. Damn Gryffindor seal. Maybe everyone could get along if they didn’t know which house you were from by your uniform. I watched him struggle with the bean and cleared my throat so he would listen. “Crush it. With the side of the knife.” I muttered under my breath. He looked at me, clearly confused as to why I was helping him, but brushed it off and followed my advice. I tried to hide a smug smile that was itching at my lips and finished my potion. Mine was one of the best, so was the Slytherin boy’s potion. Next was my break period, so I paced around, lost. I originally went searching for a place to sleep, as I was really tired, and ended up stuck somewhere on the seventh floor. I opened door after door, looking for anything familiar, and stumbled upon a room. A great big room. Full of mattresses. I jumped around on them a bit before collapsing on a huge one in the middle and smothering myself in the lavender duvet. I pushed my strawberry hair out of my face and smiled. I didn’t even hear the door open. “Enjoying yourself?” A sarcastic voice mocked. I sat up to face a blonde boy in the doorway. “I got lost. What’s your excuse?” I snapped. “Lost? What are you, a first year?” He smirked. I stood up and crossed my arms. “No, but it is my first day. Who’re you?” “Draco Malfoy.” He said it proudly, as if I should humble at his presence. “And what about yours?” “Josephine. But call me that and I’ll hex you without mercy. I go by Jo. Jo Dorain.” He raised an eyebrow at my last part and the smirk grew. “Wait, Dorain?” He snickered, “My father knows your family. You’re a Slytherin family... But you’re a Gryffindor.. Ha! You’re a disgrace to your heritage.” I balled my fists at my sides. “And I know who you are. Who doesn’t? Your father is a filthy, lying, Death Eater! And you, you’re his pathetic little son who could never live up to daddy’s expectations.” I shot back. I knew I struck a nerve this time. He looked like he was about to kill me. And I could dare him to try. I was an experienced witch, and my parents told me all I needed to know about dueling. “Don’t you dare talk about my family like that!” He pulled his wand out. I did the same. “Go ahead and try it, Malfoy. Just remember who taught me what I know.” He tensed, and lowered his wand. “That’s what I thought.” “I just don’t need to draw attention to myself.” He scowled, “Besides, you probably don’t even take after your father, being a disappointment to your family.” I put my wand away before I ended up cursing him. “At least I’m no disgrace.” I muttered, shoving past him and out the door. “Being a Gryffindor is disgrace enough.” I heard him shoot back, but refrained from getting into another argument. Instead I headed off to my defense against the dark arts class, which McGonagall suggested I take even though it wasn’t really required this year. I entered the classroom and smiled when I saw the teacher. Professor Snape returned the smile with a barely noticeable -and I mean hard to see even if you’re looking for it- smile of his own. But upon noticing my Gryffindor seal he frowned and eyed me carefully. I pursed my lips, knowing he disapproved and nervous that he would most likely tell my parents. As I attempted to listen to him drone on about how to defend yourself against a wraith, I could feel myself begin to fall asleep. I was jerked out of my slumber when a ruler hit my desk, hard. I looked apologetically at Snape, his face annoyed as usual. “Miss Dorain, since you find it so difficult to listen during my class, I’ll see you after.” I nodded. I figured I wasn’t in any real trouble, so I wasn’t worried. At the end of class, everyone filtered out while I made my way to Professor Snape’s office. “Still very inattentive, as usual, Josephine.” He scolded. I tried to act serious. “Sorry, Uncle Severus.” A smile tugged at my lips. But he wasn’t amused. Then again, he never was. He was my favorite/only uncle, my mother’s brother. He and my father taught me how to control my magic at a very young age, so naturally I was very good at it. “So why are you in this class, I thought you taught potions?” “I did until this year. Certain events occurred and I was reinstated to this position.” “Oh, okay.” “Gryffindor?” He questioned. I looked away, any trace of a smile disappearing. “Yeah,” I admitted, “I think maybe the sorting hat got it wrong. You know better than anyone that I belong in Slytherin.” “Yes..” He thought about it for a minute, “Well, get to your class. And don’t dawdle.” “Alright.” I nodded. “Bye, Uncle Severus.” I left the office and the classroom, then almost immediately running into Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They looked as if they had been waiting for me. “Are you all right?” Hermione asked. “Why wouldn’t I be?” I was a bit confused. Why would they think anything was wrong? I was held back after class, not locked up in a cavern full of spiders. “Well, we heard Snape wanted to see you after class.” Ron told me. I could barely refrain from laughing. I knew my uncle was a bit strict and sometimes slightly scary, but far from causing danger to a student. Especially his own niece. But they didn’t need to know that bit. “Oh, it was just about catching up on work I missed over the years.” I lied. They seemed to buy it, though. “Oh, okay.” Harry smiled, “Want to head to dinner with us?” I shrugged and followed them. Not like I knew where I was going, anyway. So I’m a Gryffindor. This was going to be an interesting year.
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